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  •   No other areas of racing engine development hold as much potential for increased performance as the cylinder head and its related components. Dart continues its revolutionary approach to perfection and power in this area by the recent release of their all new NMCA Pro Stock cylinder head. Recommended for maximum competition LS engines with 4.125” bore or larger. Drag race, maximum competition, naturally aspirated, heavy nitrous or forced induction applications.
  • Gibtec Pistons has announced unique piston pin retention buttons. Their latest design for Pro Mod and big turbo racing engines incorporates a radial locking feature. The advent of the piston button and its subsequent popularity came about because of the convenience it offers. Changing pistons with buttons not only reduces the time taken to replace pistons at the race track but also ends the frustration of fiddling about with round wire locks or the double spiral types.
  • The Street SmartWire is the easiest way to wire any vehicle while adding modern electronic features and functions. It serves as the vehicle’s power distribution center, and solid state design eliminates traditional fuse panels, breakers and relays, reducing wiring complexity and weight in the vehicle. Inputs and outputs are user-definable, enabling complete control of a vehicle’s power needs and accessories.