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  • Coolant Enhancer the Newest Addition to VP Madditive® Line  VP Racing Fuels today introduced a new, improved formula for VP Cool Down™, its popular coolant performance improver for high-performance radiator systems.  Now included in VP’s portfolio of VP Madditive® performance chemicals, Cool Down decreases cylinder head temperatures up to 50°F!     “Cool Down increases coolant flow for better heat transfer while lubricating all the vital components without the crystallization you find with other coolant additives,” said Bruce Hendel, Director of Sales-Consumer Products.  “It won't harm radiators or water pumps and it’s approved by most race sanctioning bodies.
  • Convert your Big Block Chevy from a standard conventional cylinder head to a more POWERFUL DRM-20° cylinder head.  Reher-Morrison′s DRM-20° Cylinder Head Conversion Kits come complete with all of the necessary components required to convert your Big Block Chevy engine. From the ultimate performance people, come the ultimate 20° conventional cylinder head conversion kits. Now is the time to step up to the next level of performance. The industry is buzzing about the new hipped* Dart 20° cylinder heads with the new Reher-Morison proprietary CNC port designs. These conventional heads produce the most power possible without having to go with spread port Big Chief style heads. They put to rest the controversy over who has the better conventional head. No other conventional head can out power the DRM-20°! With airflow and air speed, light years ahead of any other heads in its class, the DRM-20 supplies power gains of 80 hp to 100+hp!
  •   Holley recently announced  the release of LS swap components for third-generation Chevrolet Camaros and Pontiac Firebirds. The GM third-generation F-Body has evolved from an oft-forgotten sports car of the 1980s into a capable and budget-friendly platform for hot rodders and racers of all walks of life. While the platform has proven to be competitive in various motorsports, the factory installed engines leave a lot to be desired. Luckily, Hooker Headers has the answer with their third-gen F-Body specific swap system that allows installation of the popular GM LS engines. It includes engine & transmission mounts, BlackHeart headers & exhaust systems, and swap accessories. Hooker's platform designed LS swap system ensures direct bolt-in fitment and correct driveline angles to help LS-swapped third-gens perform to their peak potential whether it's on the drag strip, at the autocross or any other venue.