Keep up with this weekend's ADRL Hardees Georgia Drags by reading our event notebook. We bring you the stories behind the numbers and win-lights throughout the course of the weekend. Tune in daily for the latest news from the pits.




Local Racers Lead Way at ADRL Hardee’s Georgia Drags 



Mike Hill, from Washington, GA, secured the fourth win of his ADRL Extreme 10.5 career May 10, in the 4th annual Hardee’s Georgia Drags at South Georgia Motorsports Park. (ADRL/Ian Tocher photos)

Georgia’s own Mike Hill and Coodee Thomas rewarded the huge partisan crowd at South Georgia Motorsports Park (SGMP) with wins in Extreme 10.5 and Pro Extreme Motorcycle, respectively, May 10, at the 4th annual Hardee’s Georgia Drags staged by the Flowmaster American Drag Racing League (ADRL) presented by the National Guard. Joining them in victory lane were Pro Extreme star Joshua Hernandez and new Pro Nitrous record holder Billy Harper.

Hernandez qualified his National Guard-backed ’57 Chevy seventh and raced past fellow Texans Gaylen Smith and Frankie Taylor before taking out John Stanley in the semis to reach Quain Stott and his ’63 Corvette in the Pro Extreme final. Hernandez was on his game, taking a .026 advantage off the starting line and blasting to a 3.82-seconds pass at 195.87 mph over the SGMP eighth mile that also set low elapsed time (E.T.) for the weekend and gave Hernandez his second-straight ADRL national event win. Meanwhile, Stott suffered traction trouble and was forced to shut off early after reaching the final from the 16th and final qualifying position.

Joshua Hernandez took over the ADRL Pro Extreme points lead with his second-straight win this season.
“I owed Quain that one,” Hernandez said, referring to a final-round loss to Stott at the same track two years ago. “We were ready for him. I knew it was going to run a good number because once Jimmy (Oddy, crew chief) and the boys found the right tune-up for the hot track they weren’t going to let go.”

Harper, a former Kentucky gubernatorial candidate, had his first qualifying attempt disallowed after the undercarriage of his 2001 Viper adversely affected the track’s timing equipment, but he put together an excellent 3.95-seconds pass to secure the top spot and unofficially set a new class E.T. record in the third and last session. In the second round against teammate Dennis Radford, Harper had another disallowed E.T. due to timing issues, but was permitted to continue and lowered the mark to 3.94 seconds in the semis against Randy Weatherford. That run eventually served as the back-up within the required one percent for an official record after Harper set the new standard to 3.93 at 186.67 mph with his win over 2005 ADRL Pro Nitrous world champion Dan Parker in the final.

Despite being embroiled in controversy at times, Billy Harper retained his focus and drove to a new ADRL elapsed time record and the Pro Nitrous win May 10, in the 4th annual Hardee’s Georgia Drags at South Georgia Motorsports Park.
“We faced some adversity this weekend, but our team led by Dennis Radford’s tune-up did a great job,” Harper said of his career-first ADRL win. “Hopefully, we’ll be doing this again soon.”

Washington, Georgia’s Hill was the only number-one qualifier who also managed to pull off the race win. After relatively easy wins over Elliott Thompson and reigning class champ Steve Gorman, Hill needed a better reaction time to overcome the E.T. advantage of Michelle Wilson in the semi-finals. That set up a titanic clash for the final against long-time rival Steve Kirk Jr., who earlier established a new class E.T. record of 4.26 seconds in his debut with a new ’63 Corvette.

Unfortunately, it was over at the starting line as Kirk’s engine suffered problems with its nitrous system while Hill streaked to the win in 4.28 seconds at 173.61 mph.

“This feels really good. We were breaking little things on the car just about every run, so we really had to work hard for it,” Hill said. “This was not an easy win, that’s for sure, but I think that makes it that much better.”

After two previous final-round appearances and a runner-up finish in last year’s ADRL Pro Extreme Motorcycle Battle for the Belts championship, Ellenwood, GA’s Coodee Thomas scored his first ADRL win.

Thomas, from Ellenwood, Georgia, said he was “thrilled” and “relieved” to finally break into the win column after two previous final-round appearances. After qualifying his 2003 Hyabusa fourth he went through Ron Clark, T.T. Jones and number-one qualifier Billy Vose to meet Matt Prophit in his first ADRL final-round appearance. Thomas left first and led all the way to the finish line, posting a 4.31-seconds effort at 167.74 mph.

“It took us a little while to get our chassis and wheelie bar set-up figured out to where it would go straight, but once we got that it went pretty smooth,” Thomas said of his march to the win. “Hard work is what got it done for us.”

The ADRL returns to action June 6-7, with its 4th annual Pizza Hut Summer Drags at Knoll Gas Motorsports Park at U.S. 131 in Martin, Michigan.



Pro Extreme Final Round

(L) Josh Hernandez - 3.824 et - 195.87 mph (WINNER)

(R) Quain Stott - 4.906 et - 104.87 mph

Josh had a killer .021 bulb & runs low et of the race to take the Georgia Drags win!!! Quain got about 200' out & shook the tires...

Pro Nitrous Final Round

(L) Dan Parker - 3.994 et - 184.47 mph

(R) Billy Harper - 3.930 et - 186.67 mph (WINNER)

Just an unreal performance out of the Viper this weekend, this time with .976 60' & another NEW national ET record!!! Hats of to Bill George & Dan Parker as well for an outstanding return to competition.

Extreme 10.5 Final Round

(L) Mike Hill - 4.285 et - 173.61 mph (WINNER)

(R) Steve Kirk Jr - N/T

A huge showdown between the #1 & #2 qualifier... Hill is the defending Georgia Drags champ... These guys take their time staging.. When the tree dropped Hill strapped a huge holeshot on Kirk & drove away for the win!! Kirk burped & broke right at the hit & coasted to a stop.

Pro Extreme Motorcycle Final Round

(L) Coodee Thomas - 4.311 et - 167.74 mph (WINNER)
(R) Matt Prophit - 4.409 et - 162.00 mph

Coodee Thomas takes this one wire to wire, just missing the backup for the speed record!!!



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Pro Extreme


(L) Josh Hernandez - 3.870 et - 193.54 mph (WINNER)

(R) John Stanley - 3.938 et - 189.79 mph

Hernandez with a slight starting line advantage & pulls away for a trip to the final round!! Hats off the the Stanley-Weiss team for a great showing this weekend.

(L) Quain Stott - 3.913 et - 193.68 mph (WINNER)

(R) Mike Neal - 4.106 et - 181.81 mph

These guys leave together but Neal has to slap the throttle & Quain was long gone...

That sets up a barnburner final round!!

Pro Nitrous Semi-Finals

(L) Dan Parker - 3.998 et - 184.04 mph (WINNER)

(R) Stan Allen - 4.363 et - 174.71 mph

Allen put a pretty good bulb on Parker but he headed to the wall & had to peddle, meanwhile Parker was long gone!!!

(L) Randy Weatherford - 5.254 et - 94.92 mph

(R) Billy Harper - 3.947 et - 186.20 mph (WINNER)

Harper has a .984 60' time on this pass & runs another killer number which I believe should be a new national record, backed up by his 3.954 in qualifying!!!! Weatherford killed a motor on that pass with the death smoke around halftrack, and we have oil....

Extreme 10.5 Semi-Finals

(L) Mike Hill - 4.297 et - 173.45 mph (WINNER)

(R) Michelle Wilson - 4.296 et - 169.53 mph

Outstanding race here as Hill uses a .013 light to Wilson's .037 light to squeak out a holeshot win!!!

(L) Steve Kirk, Jr - 4.332 et - 175.16 mph (WINNER)

(R) Cory Wheat - 4.714 et - 139.98 mph

Wheat with another wheelstand, then he gets loose... Kirk had his hands fgll as well, but seals his trip to the final.

Thats sets up a southern showdown in the final round!!

Pro Extreme Motorcycle Semi-Finals

(L) Jack Young - 5.636 et - 124.87 mph

(R) Matt Prophit - 4.323 et - 165.36 mph (WINNER)

Young straps a nice bulb on Prophit, but runs into troubles & Matt streaks to the final!!

(L) Coodee Thomas - 4.271 et - 170.19 mph (WINNER)

(R) Billy Vose - 4.489 et - 155.42 mph

Coodee Thomas makes a killer run with an possible record mph!!!

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Pro Extreme Eliminations


(L) Thomas Patterson - 4.878 et - 123.76 mph

(R) Mike Neal - 4.019 et - 178.02 mph (WINNER)

Patterson's ride would not return down to normal idle after the burnout & he had issues on the run as well...

(L) Quain Stott - 3.928 et - 192.38 mph (WINNER)

(R) Bil Clanton - 3.929 et - 190.27 mph

Wow this way the race of the day right here!! Quain had a .035 light to Bil's .048, both guys had 1 flat 60' times & Quain just edges Big Money out on the big end!!!!

(L) Josh Hernandez - 3.844 et - 195.17 mph (WINNER)

(R) Frankie Taylor - 3.916 et - 192.25 mph

Another great race!! Frankie had about 4 hun on Josh at the tree, but he drifted to the centerline & Hernandez drove around him for a trip to the semis!!

(L) Bubba Stanton - broke

(R) John Stanley - 3.957 et - 189.90 mph (WINNER)

Stanton was leaking after the burnout & had to be shut off... Stanley had something for him, making yet another 3 second lap!!!!

Pro Nitrous Eliminations Round #2

(L) Edmund Hall - 4.083 et - 177.91 mph

(R) Stan Allen - 4.047 et - 185.23 mph (WINNER)

Great run by Hall, but Allen left first and made an even better run to go to the semis!!

(L) Dan Parker - 4.023 et - 183.79 mph (WINNER)

(R) Keith Baker - 4.862 et - 108.06

Parker quickly took the second bulb & Baker waited along time before going in... It may have cost him as Keith went -.191 red & clicked it off...

(L) Dennis Radford - 4.455 et - 101.02 mph

(R) Billy Harper - 3.917et - 186.79 mph (WINNER)

Good grief, Harper with a .968 60' & a crazy et... And this pass is thrown out again... The diaper was on the ground at the big end we hear..

(L) Jim Halsey - 4.180 et - 182.85 mph

(R) Randy Weatherford - 4.035 et - 181.45 mph (WINNER)

Halsey had to slap the throttle & that was all Weatherford needed...

Extreme 10.5 Eliminations Round #2

(L) Michelle Wilson - 4.384 et - 166.68 mph (WINNER)

(R) Michael Neal - 4.655 et - 160.44 mph

Wilson strapped a huge holeshot on Neal & then had a very nice run to seal a trip to the semis.

(L) Cory Wheat -4.383 et - 161.40 mph (WINNER)

(R) Doug Horween - 5.307 et - 161.40 mph

Wow, Wheat had a 1.02 60' & a killer wheelstand to fly to the semis!!

(L) Mike Hill - 4.318 et - 171.55 mph (WINNER)

(R) Steve Gorman - 4.684 et - 121.81 mph

Gorman was dead late, but it didn't matter as Hill streaked to the back up pass for a new national et record!!!!

(L) Steve Kirk, Jr - 4.281 et - 176.12 mph (WINNER)

(R) Gary White - 4.334 et - 167.86 mph

That lasted one pass as Kirk snatches the national et record right back from Hill, backing up the previous 4.266 pass!!!!!!


Pro Extreme Motorcycle Eliminations


(L) Broderick Jackson - 4.469 et - 162.39 mph

(R) Matt Prophit - 4.373 et - 162.81 mph (WINNER)

The drivers leave dead even & Prophit pulls away for the win..

(L) Nickie Corley - 4.383 et - 163.37

(R) Jack Young - 4.352 et - 157.65 (WINNER)

Great drag race here & Young is moving on to the semis.

(L) Coodee Thomas -4.367 et - 147.52 mph (WINNER)

(R) TT Jones - 4.452 et - 160.14 mph

Thomas with a huge holeshot & a nice run, although he was banging & popping at the top end as evidenced by the MPH.

(L) Bill Vose - 4.484 et - 112.66 mph (WINNER)

(R) Richard Holder - 5.375 et - 112.66 mph

These guys were jawing with each other prior to staging!! Holder had an outstanding .008 bulb, but ran into troubles & Vose moves on.

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Pro Extreme Eliminations

(L) Dwayne Watkins - 3.976 et - 184.88 mph

(R) Bil Clanton - 3.951 et - 189.79 mph (WINNER)

Clanton strapped a huge holeshot on Watkins & ran away with the win...

(L) Josh Hernandez - 3.947 et - 191.02 (WINNER)

(R) Gaylen Smith - 3.942 et - 186.30 mph

Josh turned a .043 to .052 bulb into a holeshot win. Smith had the chutes out early again...

(L) John Stanley - 3.958 et - 189.79 mph (WINNER)

(R) Bob Mandell - 5.425 et - 89.86

Mandell shakes & barely keeps it off the wall... Stanley in on a roll & Camp is fired up!!!

(L) Mike Neal - 4.086 et - 179.47 mph (WINNER)

(R) Brandon Snider - 4.136 et - 143.41 mph

Snider was out of the gate first & pulling away, but got real loose & Neal drove around him to move on.

(L) Thomas Patterson - 4.037 et - 178.90 mph (WINNER)

(R) Travis Swearingen - 3.961 et - 188.28 mph

What a race... Patterson put a .018 to .087 holeshot on Travis, then the Junkyard Willys drove around him, using up all of the right lane & got the win light, but he took out the timing cone in the process & got the centerline DQ.. What a driving job by the kid.

(L) Bubba Stanton - 3.896 et - 192.36 mph (WINNER)

(R) Wesley Jones - 4.011 et - 186.43

Stanton has a .979 60' then hammered out an .89 for low et of eleminations!!!

(L) Frankie Taylor - 3.970 et - 186.92 mph (WINNER)

(R) Chris Russo - 4.092 et - 184.32

Wow!! Frankie had a .957 60', peddled once & had the chutes out early & still rtook the win!!!!

(L) Quain Stott - 4.057 et - 183.27 (WINNER)

(R) Wes Johnston - 8.403 et - 76.30

Johnston just blew the tires off at the hit of the throttle... Quain was on & off but gets the win...

All winners in that session came out of the left lane...

Pro Nitrous Eliminations

(L) Dennis Radford - 4.081 et - 181.01 mph (WINNER)

(R) Jamie Hancock - 4.127 et - 179.26 mph

Jamie was late on the tree with a .143 light, but it probably wouldn't have mattered.

(L) Stan Allen - 5.928 et - 102.23 mph (WINNER)

(R) Burton Auxier - broke

Burton pops the intake while purging the NOS... Allen needed it as he had a big wheel stand the knocked the tires loose.

(L) Jim Halsey - 4.028 et - 186.05 mph (WINNER)

(R) Pat Moore - 4.126 et - 177.07 mph

Moore had 2 hun off the tree, but Halsey had the ET to run him down.

(L) Tim Savell - 4.216 et - 174.26 mph

(R) Edmund Hall - 4.146 et - 177.02 mph (WINNER)

I'm tellin ya Mr. 5-Speed has a 4.15 bracket car as he takes out the #2 qualifier!!!!

(L) Randy Weatherford -4.071 et - 180.60 mph (WINNER)

(R) Harold Martin - 4.168 et - 169.34 mph

They leave together dead even & Weatherford pulls away at every increment...

(L) Dan Parker - 4.061 et - 181.91 mph (WINNER)

(R) Mike Castellana - 4.338 et - 140.11 mph

Parker double bulbed Castellana, but Castellana still left on him, however he drove into some killer shake about halftrack & had to lift.


(L) Billy Harper -4.085 et - 178.52 mph (WINNER)

(R) John Deflorian - 5.358 et - 93.58 mph

Harper has a .963 60', runs into shake, drifts to the wall & peddles as Deflorian was having his own problems... Harper & his 60' times are the talk of the event...

(L) Keith Baker - 4.078et - 182.03 mph (WINNER)

(R) Greg Godwin - 4.162 et - 178.00

These guys leave together & Baker pulls away to move on to Round #2...

Extreme 10.5 Final Eliminations

(L) Steve Gorman - 4.456 et - 161.63 mph (WINNER)

(R) Alex Viscardi - 6.693 et - 51.36 mph

Viscardi blew the tires off, got crossed up, scraped the wall, pulled the car back across his lane nearly saving it, but then came back across & hit the right hand retaining wall... Alex is out of the car & ok.

(L) Mike Hill - 4.365 et - 169.23 mph (WINNER)

(R) Elliott Thompson - 5.537 et - 98.32 mph

Hill just misses the backup for the new National record....

(L) Rodney Rosensteil - broke

(R) Michael Neal - 4.574 et - 165.76 mph (WINNER)

Rodney broke after the burnout & could not take the tree... Neal did a KILLER burnout!! Michael then skated to a decent pass...

(L) Michelle Wilson - 4.435 et - 162.59 mph (WINNER)

(R) David Janes - 4.677 et - 162.14 ph

Janes could not get the car to fire... Wilson waited a long time. Janes finally got the car lit & did a short burnout... That may have cost hims as Janes got real loose...

(L) Steve Kirk Jr - 4.266 et - 173.43 mph (WINNER)

(R) Lance Styck - 4.556 et - 164.17 mph

HUGE run by Steve Kirk to possibly snag the new ET record away from Hill!!!

(L) Gary White - 4.434 et - 167.18 mph (WINNER)

(R) Bill Jewett - 4.598 et - 158.63 mph

White was dead late with a .200 light, but Jewett ran into to traction issues & the Toyota drove around him!

(L) Todd Moyer - 6.903 et - 80.91 mph

(R) Doug Horween - 4.873 et - 153.14 mph (WINNER)

Moyer was dead late with a .298 light & then shut off... Horween needed it...

(L) Cory Wheat - 4.423 et - 164.95mph (WINNER)

(R) Jim Blair - broke

Blair had problems when he fired the car & could not take the water... Wheat makes a nice pass...

Pro Extreme Motorcycle Eliminations

(L) Billy Vose - 4.416 et - 161.87 mph (WINNER)

(R) Japel Heard - 4.452 et - 157.91 mph

Heard goes .006 red & hands the win to the #1 qualifier!!

(L) Nikie Corley - 4.400 et - 162.29 mph (WINNER)

(R) Mantez Thompson - 4.443 et 163.95 mph

They leave together & Corley gets the win light.

(L) Richard Holder - 4.385 et - 156.99 mph (WINNER)

(R) Carlos Wilkerson - 4.527 et - 147.25 mph

Wilkerson has a .009 light, but Holder runs the number to get the win.

(L) Matt Prophit - 4.642 et - 123.28 mph (WINNER)

(R) John Sacks Jr - 4.345 et - 164.03 mph

Sacks goes big time red & throws away a killer run.

(L) TT Jones - 4.801 et - 114.03 mph (WINNER)

(R) Mimmo Marciano - 4.363 et - 159.85

Like a replay of the previous pass, Marciano wastes a great pass with a big time red bulb.

(L) Robert Hunnicutt - 4.391 et - 159.82 mph (WINNER)

(R) B Jackson - 4.354 et - 163.91 mph

On a .049 to .085 holeshot, Hunnicutt takes the win!!

(L) Coodee Thomas - 4.313 et - 163.39 mph (WINNER)

(R) Ron Clark - 4.413 et - 169.25 mph

Thomas makes a killer run to take the win!!

(L) Jack Young - 4.326 et - 163.81 mph (WINNER)

(R) Ron Procopio - 4.497 et - 161.65 mph

Young makes up for a good light by Procopio with big et to take the win.


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Pro Extreme Final Qualifying Notes

(L) Dwayne Watkins  3.957 et 0 181.59 mph

(R) Travis Swearingen - 4.033 et - 184.77 mph

Travis peddles again while Watkins makes a nice pass to get up to the #7 spot.

(L) Thomas Patterson - 4.007 et - 183.54 mph

(R) Quain Stott - 4.036 et - 188.15 mph

Good side by side run, but Quain fails to make the field... Mandell is on the bump at 4.029...

(L) Joey Martin - 4.754 et - 113.67 mph

(R) Gaylen Smith - 3.984 et - 183.97 mph

Martin's ride goes silent around 500'... Galylen makes another fine pass, even with the chutes out early.

(L) Bob Mandell - 3.973 et - 184.65 mph

(R) Josh Hernandez - 3.947 et - 191.02 mph

Awesome side by side pass after Mandell gets off the bump spot, moving up to #12 for now.

(L) Michael Neal -4.070 et 179.44 mph

(R) Bubba Stanton - 3.922 et - 192.22 mph

Stanton may be the team to beat this weekend, they are looking great!!

(L) Brian Daniels - 4.982 et - 125.12 mph

(R) Mike Neal - 4.067 et - 176.79 mpgh

Daniels has problems while Neal makes a clean run.

(L) Hugh Scott - 6.426 et - 63.41 mph

(R) Bennie McDonald - 5.566 et - 88.37 mph

More tire shake for both drivers & neither will make the field.

(L) John Stanley - 3.985 et - 188.86 mph

(R) Wesley Jones - 4.536 et - 125.40 mph

Jones brings the rpm's up before Stanley even takes the tree... Stanley moves in & then continues to impress!!!


Pro Nitrous Final Qualifying Notes

(L) Thomas Myers -6.949 et - 66.52 mph

(R) Dan Parker - 4.323 et - 147.65 mph

What a driving job by Parker as he uses up all the lane & saves the top end cones!!! Meanwhile Slick shakes off the line again & fails to make the field.

(L) Jamie Hancock - 6.669 et - 74.40 mph

(R) Shannon Jenkins - 4.461 et - 165.76 mph

Both guys drive into tire shake & Jenkins will have to sweat it out as he is in the #15 spot...

(L) Pat Moore - 4.116 et - 178.45 mph

(R) Dennis Radford - 4.080 et - 180.14 mph

Moore makes a nice lap to bump his way in the field & puts the Iceman on the bump spot.

(L) Steve Vick - 4.774 et - 117.92 mph

(R) John Deflorian - 4.194 et - 173.92 mph

Vick drives thru some shake, then drifts toward the wall & has to lift, not making the field.

(L) Terry Murphy - 4.570 et - 163.02 mph

(R) Doug Reisterer - 4.550 et - 160.31 mph

Both drivers encounter tire shake & both fail to make this field, ending a 6 race qualifying streak.

(L) Randy Weatherford - 4.082 et - 180.21 mph

(R) Edmund Hall - 4.158 et - 175.71 mph

No improvement here, but both guys have bracket cars this weekend.

(L) Mike Castellana - 7.779 et - 61.54 mph

(R) Harold Martin - 4.473 et - 129.48 mph

Castellana with major shake at the hit, Martin got loose on the top end & had to lift as well.

(L) Keith Baker - 4.095 et - 182.01 mph

(R) Burton Auxier - 5.764 et - 129.28 mph

Baker shows the way with a nice pass while Burton shakes the tires & has to lift.

(L) Blake Housley - 10.023 et - 43.23 mph

(R) Stan Allen - 4.097 et - 184.35 mph

Allen jumps in the show to the #9 spot & bumps Shannon Jenkins from the field... Housley has shake problems yet again.


(R) Billy Harper - 4.644 et - 115.16 mph

Harper was all over the lane, somehow missing every cone out there!!


(R) Jim Halsey - 5.048 et - 115.06 mph

Halsey with big time shake about 60' out & he clicks it, safely in the field.


(R) Greg Godwin - 4.902 et - 110.18 mph

Again, Godwin gets to about the 60' cone then goes into shake.


(R) Annette Summer - 4.356 et - 165.76 mph

Pink was consistent all weekend, but not near enough to get in the field.


(R) Sam Brown - 5.014 et - 124.78 mph

Brown could not get the car in high gear & fails to make the field.


Extreme 10.5 Final Qualifying Notes

(L) Bill Jewett - 5.279 et - 117.92 mph

(R) Rodney Rosensteil - 4.638 et - 163.28 mph

HUGE wheelstand by Jewett, then he peddles & drives it on through... Rodney had to peddle as well...

(L) David Janes - 4.644 et - 159.48 mph

(R) Steve Gorman - 4.493 et - 158.95 mph

Gorman makes a clean run, while Janes looked a little soft on the setup...

(L) Craig Miller - 4.951 et - 155.90 mph

(R) Lance Styck - 4.736 et - 161.23 mph

Miller with major shake, the door came open, he peddled & drove it on through, but he fails to make the field...

(L) Jim Blair - 4.543 et - 158.39 mph

(R) Elliott Thompson - 6.330 et - 85.88 mph

Killer wheelstand by Blair hanging the front end high & smooth to go to the #9 spot...

(L) Steve Kirk Jr - 4.361 et - 173.27 mph

(R) Gary White - 4.435 et - 167.32 mph

Awesome side by side pass, with the little Toyota hanging in there with the big Corvette...

(L) Cory Wheat - 4.412 et - 162.96 mph

(R) Todd Moyer - 5.810 et - 98.64 mph

Great driving job by Wheat, drifting to the wall & staying with it to make a great pass...

(L) Mike Hill - 6.728 et - 105.07 mph

(R) HT Wilson - 4.796 et - 154.16 mph

Hill absolutely blows the tires off at the line... Wilson fails to make the field...

(L) Michael Neal - 5.624 et - 115.65 mph

(R) Doug Horween - 7.045 et - 87.94 mph

This one was a peddlefest as both guys go up in smoke...

(L) Alex Viscardi - 4.473 et - 167.43 mph

Boom boom has the twins working well this weekend...


Pro Extreme Motorcycle Final Qualifying Notes

(L) Kenneth Holloway - N/T


Holloway broke on the burnout...

(L) Charlie Prophit - 4.760 et - 140.01 mph

(R) Matt Phophit - 5.668 et - 128.70 mph

Phophits in both lanes & they both run into problems.

(L) Kenny Hill - 4.548 et - 154.78 mph

(R) Mimmo Marciano - 4.440 et - 158.45 mph

Nice run by Mimmo, just under the bump spot...

(L) Nimie Corley - 4.373 et - 167.73 mph

(R) Monte Campbell - 4.449 et - 160.50 mph

Campbell stays on the bump spot with this run...

(L) Louie Grist - 4.511et - 157.95 mph

(R) Jack Young - 4.394 et - 157.97 mph

Young makes a liller run in the heat of the day!!

(L) Mantez Thompson - 4.429 et - 164.69 mph

(R) Scott Gray - N/T

Gray gets no time as he clipped the top end timing cone...

(L) Artavious McArthur - 4.695 et - 146.02 mph

(R) Ronald Procopio - 4.523 et - 160.27 mph

Clean runs, but both guys just a bit off the pace...

(L) TT Jones - 4.504 et - 151.60 mph

(R) Eddie Gonder Jr - N/T

A big bang comes from Gonders ride & he comes to a stop ablut halftrack...

(L) Larry Berg - N/T

(R) Japel Heard - 4.458 et - 163.73 mph

Berg rolls the lights & stops, Heard comes up just short of the bump...

(L) Robert Hunnicutt - 4.379 et - 165.44 mph

(R) Carlos Wilkerson - 4.403 et - 161.42 mph

Nice side by side pass here, killer run by Superman!!!

(L) JP Mattox - 4.571 et - 153.37 mph

(R) Mac McAdams - 4.499 et - 156.48 mph

Neither rider here will make the field...

(L) James Rester Jr - 4.539 et - 159.53 mph

(R) Broderick Jackson - 4.407 et - 167.51 mph

Rester fails to make the field, while Jackson fails to improve his spot...

(L) Richard Holder - 4.401 et - 161.32 mph

(R) Coodee Thomas - 4.343 et - 165.72 mph

Thomas makes a great pass here to jump all the way to the #3 spot!! Holder holds on to the bump for now..

(L) Ashley Owens - 4.406 et - 138.81 mph


Owens bumps his way in the field, but puts out the death smoke on the big end... He bumped out Holder...

(L) John Sacks - 4.340 et - 163.22 mph


Sacks closes out the session with a killer run to go to the #2 spot!!


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Pro Extreme Qualifying Notes


(L) Travis Swearingen - 4.03 et - 184.50 mph

(R) Frankie Taylor - 5.512 et - 83.58 mph

Unbelievable run for Travis, he shook, peddled drifted left & right & still ran an .03... Frankie ran into shake himself & headed toward the wall...

(L) Quain Stott - 5.907 et - 82.14 mph

(R) Dwayne Watkins - 4.144 et - 180.62 mph

Quain shakes, peddles, then blows the driver door right off the car!!

(L) Gaylen Smith - 3.971 et - 184.40 mph

(R) Brandon Snider - 3.930 et - 186.23 mph

Killer side by side passes here, Snider has a handle on the Oddy powerplant!!!!

(L) Bennie McDonald - 4.200 et - 146.64 mph

(R) Bob Mandell - 4.030 et - 182.82 mph

Bennie got through the shake he has been experiencing, but shut off early... Mandell makes another consistent run in the Lowmad...

(L) Bubba Stanton - 3.884 et - 192.93 mph

(R) Brian Daniels - 5.494 et - 98.60 mph

WOW!!! Outstanding run by Bubba Stanton in thsi heat to go to the #3 spot!!!

(L) Joe Palmisano - 4.707 et - 120.40 mph

(R) Bil Clanton - 3.957 et - 190.24 mph

Clanton, fresh off a trip to Sand Mountain Dragstrip last night, eliminates any drama & goes to the #7 spot with a great pass!!!

(L) Josh Hernandez - 3.979 et - 191.59 mph

(R) John Stanley - 3.944 et - 188.98

Check out the Stanley/Weiss team!!! Camp is excited as the kid goes deep in the 3's!!!

(L) Chris Russo - 4.202 et - 183.87 mph

(R) Hugh Scott - 5.185 et - 90.61 mph

Russo waited for awhile after the tree dropped, then made a decent pass... Hugh ran into shake problems again...

(L) Wesley Jones - 4.023 et - 185.56 mph

(R) Joey Martin - 4.190 et - 177.30 mph

Jones continues to impress in the Camaro... Martin improves in the Bodacious Bird, but not quite enough to bump in the field...


(R) Michael Neal - N/T

Neal shortened his burnout, then just drove on tho the big end, apparently seeing or feeling something he didn't like...


(R) Thomas Patterson - 4.012 et - 184.27 mph

Patterson carries the front end about 200' & bumps his way into the show...

That closes out a very impressive session in the South Georgia heat!!!

Pro Nitrous Qualifying Notes


(L) Greg Godwin - 5.128 et - 101.19 mph

(R) - Terry Murphy - 4.378 et - 166.76 mph

Side by side tire shake for both drivers, Murphy peddling to get in the show for now.

(L) Jim Halsey - 4.058 et - 184.37 mph

(R) Dennis Radford - 4.076 et - 180.84

Nice side by side passes here, Radford jumping right into the field after loosing a pass last night.

(L) Dan Parker - 5.913 et - 86.03 mph

(R) Keith Baker - 4.394 et - 132.35 mph

Parker shakes immediately off the line, Baker makes it to about halftrack & drifts to the centerline causing him to lift...

(L) BIlly Harper - 3.954 et - 185.89 mph

(R) Thomas Myers - 4.619 et - 134.18 mph

Myers runs into shake & has to lift... Harper cards a .979 60' & goes low et of the meet!!!

(L) Shannon Jenkins - 6.330 et - 76.95 mph

(R) Randy Weatherford - 4.076 et - 180.69 mph

Jenkins shakes the tires again while Weatherford makes another clean pass... Very consistent with the new PAR power...

(L) Edmund Hall - 4.158 et - 176.14 mph

(R) Blake Housley - 4.273 et - 153.81 mph

Hall makes a nice pass... Housley was on a nice pass, but had a bang near the finish line...

(L) Annette Summer - 4.349 et - 169.10

(R) Steve Vick - 4.958 et - 164.07 mph

Vick gets WAY crossed up about 60' out & has to lift... Pink is consistent this weekend, getting down the lane every pass.

(L) Tim Savell - 4.207 et - 175.96 mph

(R) Mike Castellana - 6.144 et - 78.25 mph

Huge tire shake for Castellana, vibrating the entire car & getting sideways...

(L) John Deflorian - 4.187 et - 173.87 mph

(R) Jamie Hancock - 6.565 et - 77.46 mph

Deflorian in the beautiful C5 makes a clean run to bump his way into the show... Hancock shook & lifted..

(L) Stan Allen - 3.953 et - 184.85 mph

(R) Burton Auxier - 4.063 et - 180.36 mph

Another suspect run,  and Allen's time will be thrown out as the 60' time came up .920... Auxier used up alot of his lane but made a nice run...

(L) Sam Brown - 4.954 et - 157.65 mph

(R) Pat Moore - 5.976 et - 80.35 mph

Both guys have probblems & will go to the finals session un-qualified...

(L) Doug Reisterer - 4.565 et - 169.25 mph


Reisterer with huge shake, peddled twice & drove through the lights trying to get in the show... To no avail, he will have to wait for the final session.

(L) Harold Martin - 5.049 et - 102.20 mph


Martin closes out the Pro Nitrous session with tire shake...



Extreme 10.5 Qualifying Notes

(L) HT Wilson -4.772 et - 152.69 mph

(R) Steve Kirk Jr - N/T

Kirk banged the intake while clearing the enging after the burnout & had to be pushed off. Wilson had a soft setup on the car....

(L) Gary White - 4.948 et - 144.43 mph

(R) Cory Wheat - 4.573 et - 160.16 mph

Again, both guys seemed to be soft on the setup, Wheat getting a little loose in the middle...

(L) Steve Gorman - 4.463 et - 163.41 mph

(R) Jim Blair - 4.507 et - 158.71 mph

Really good looking pass from Gorman, smooth & straight...

(L) Rodney Rosensteil - 4.465 et - 160.38 mph

(R) David Janes - 4.523 et - 159.34 mph

Rodney has his hands full the entire length of the 660', but hangs on for a nice pass!!

(L) Elliott Thompson - 4.984 et - 131.97 mph

(R) Craig Miller - N/T

Miller was shut off after the burnout due to leakage... Thompson was lazy off the line & does not improve...

(L) Lance Styck Jr - 5.021 et - 150.50 mph

(R) Bill Jewett - 4.943 et - 164.67 mph

Wild run by Jewett, he peddled, parts went flying off, he peddled again & actually had the wheels back in the air near the finish line & was all over the wall!!!

(L) Todd Moyer - 4.352 et - 168.51 mph

(R) Mike Hill - 4.623 et - 161.67 mph

Hill shakes & has to lift while Moyer makes a great pass in the twin-turbo ride!!

(L) Doug Horween - 7.582 et - 69.32 mph

(R) Michael Neal - 4.567 et - 165.64 mph

Neal's pass was much like Jewett before him all over the lane, dancing the front end all the way down the lane!!


(R) Alex Viscardi - 4.476 et - 173.21 mph

Viscardi leaves soft but pours on the power to run top speed of the event!!




Pro Extreme Motorcycle Qualifying Notes

(L) Jack Young - 4.468 et - 149.07 mph

(R) Mac McAdams - 4.458 et - 157.25 mph

Nice side by side pass to open the Saturday program...

(L) Matt Prophit - 4.577 et - 163.33 mph

(R) Larry Berg - N/T

Berg broke at the hit of the throttle... Prophit made a clean pass, but did not improve from yesterday...

(L) Broderick Jackson - 4.421 et - 163.95 mph

(R) Scott Gray - N/T

More troubles in theright lane as Gray broke about 60' out... Jackson with his first pass of the weekend goes to the #7 spot.

(L) Kenny Hill - 4.677 et - 256.48 mph

(R) Terry Wynn - N/T

The right lane is haunted... Wynn breaks on the burnout... Hill does not get in the show.

(L) Coodee Thomas - N/T

(R) Nikie Corley - 4.381 et - 162.76 mph

Thomas slides across the lane & crosses the centerline... Corley makes a very nice pass.

(L) Ronald Procopio - 4.500 et - 162.25 mph

(R) Charlie Prophit - 4.685 et - 144.36 mph

Procopio carries the front wheel to the 330'...

(L) Carlos Wilkerson - 4.404 et - 164.07 mph

(R) Ashley Owens - 5.759 et - 87.07 mph

Owens pops & bangs & finally has to lift wghile Wilkerson made a nice pass...

(L) Craig Rosenberg - N/T

(R) Robert Hunnicutt - 4.414 et - 157.04 mph

Rosenberg breaks at the hit while Hunnicutt makes a clean pass...

(L) Eddie Gonder Jr - 4.462 et - 157.43 mpgh

(R) Mantez Thompson - 4.442 et - 157.54 mph

Nice side by side passes here to lower the bump spot...

(L) Japel Heard - 4.429 et - 162.27 mph

(R) Louie Grist - 4.467 et - 160.29 mph

Another clean side by side pass by both riders...

(L) Monte Campbell - 4.444 et - 155.30 mph

(R) JP Mattox - 4.485 et - 153.70 mph

The bikes have there act together today, make nice laps...

(L) Mimmo Marciano - 4.557 et - 162.73 mph

(R) Derrick Holloway - 4.503 et - 156.34 mph

Both guys just a little off the pace...


(R) Tommy Campbell - 6.018 et - 120.93 mph

Campbell was lazy off the line & labored thru the 660'...


(R) Richard Holder - 4.435 et - 161.79 mph

Nice pass by Holder... 32 bikes closed out the show...



a d v e r t i s e m e n t

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FRIDAY NOTEBOOK by Roger Richards

Record crowd? - Could be … but official numbers aren’t available yet but the over flow into non-traditional viewing areas was substantial.


THE ART OF LANE SELECTION - Drag racers use various criteria to select the first lane to run in when running test and tune

Thomas Myers and his lane choosing dog 'Clutch'.
session. Using their own formula of track temperatures, wind, track preparation in each lane and other items know only to them. This is the process for the normal teams. Not so for Thomas “Slick” Myers. He has his own scientific means to determine what lane to use first in a test session. Early in the morning hours as most teams are just stirring, you can see two solitary figures prowling the lanes. That figure is “Slick” Myers accompanied by his constant companion, and it isn’t Rebecca his wife. It is Clutch, his small doggie. 

Myers is making precise observations to determine lane choice. He is watching Clutch to see which lane he chooses to mark on his morning walk. That is the lane choice for Myers first run of the day.

The national Guard brought in a Chinook helicopter and while impressive in flight, left the track quite dusty.
I observed this process in action and was surprised to see a modest number of other teams waiting for Myers to give them the morning selection.

Quoted one of the drivers, “Nothing else seems to work any better…this is as good as any selection process.”

DOH - There are several things that look great on paper but fail miserable in practical application. Such was the case at the Hardee Georgia Drags on Friday. The National Guard is the presenting sponsor of the ADRL and as part of their display at this

the dusting delayed Friday's time trials by 30 minutes.
event was a Chinook helicopter. The helicopter flew in at mid-afternoon and was going to land in the infield of the circle track that is part of the SGMP complex. Lost in the planning process was the fact that the Chinook needed to fly in over a vacant field which had little if any vegetation. The downdraft of the huge helicopter created an Iraqi style dust storm that deposited a very nice coat of South Georgia red dirt over the track that required approximately 30 min to clean up.

SGMP's Zamboni is already paying for itself.
MONEY WELL SPENT - SGMP recently spent more than $40,000 for a track zamboni that can make quick work of most any clean up. The Chinook dust storm gave the new zamboni a severe workout but it performed admirably. The waste tank after the cleanup resembled a nice mud wrestling supply when emptied.

FIRST TIME FOR EVERYTHING - The zamboni was really pressed into service during the Pro Extreme motorcycle session. In the history of the ADRL, the motorcycles have not had an oildown. However in the Friday night session, on three consecutive passes, the zamboni was called into service for oil and debris. The track is already seeing a nice return on investment for that equipment.

Many birds from nearby wetlands provided great sights for the fans.


NHRA Pro Modified world champion Josh Hernandez ran a 3.992 elapsed time in Friday's evening session.


Quain Stott was the 11th quickest on Friday evening.

Annette Summer has her turbocharged Shoebox racing this weekend in the Pro Nitrous division.

FRIDAY QUALIFYING - Pro Extreme Qualifying Notes - Round #1

Left Lane: Thomas Patterson – 4.107 et – 181.23. mph
Right Lane: Bubba Stanton  - 4.198 et – 138.76 mph

Stanton with a .979 60’, but got out of the groove and had to lift…

Left Lane: Brandon Snider – 3.967 et – 184.17 mph
Right Lane: Pizza Joe Palmisano – 4.446 et – 141.49 mph

Snider lays down a killer run to go the #1 spot with the Oddy power!!! Joey Martin is helping out with the team…

Left Lane: Frankie Taylor – 3.859 et – 194.96 mph
Right Lane: Gaylen Smith – 5.408 et – 88.98 mph

Frankie has a .965 60’ & drives it out the backdoor, straight to #1!!! Smith had a .985 60’ himself, but gets close to the wall & has to lift…

Left Lane: Billy Gibson – 4.758 et – 109.90 mph
Right Lane: Wesley Jones– 4.035 et – 184.42 mph

Gibson runs into major shake, gets crossed up, the door went flying in the air… Jones made a great run in the old school Camaro... Word is that Gibson had some sort of chassis failure...

Left Lane: Bob Mandell – 4.029 et – 183.02 mph
Right Lane: Quain Stott – 4.092 et – 181.45 mph

Mandell makes another smooth run in the Lowmad to go to the #3 spot for now…

Left Lane: Hugh Scott– 4.996 et – 105.08 mph
Right Lane: Travis Swearingen – 3.890 et - 191.87 mph

Hugh shakes & has to lift while Travis makes a sweet run to go to the #2 spot!!!

Left Lane: Joey Martin – 4.225 et - 173.38 mph
Right Lane: Bennie McDonald– N/T

Bennie killed something on the burnout & had to pull over to the guardrail... Joey gets loose on the top end again...

Left Lane: Dwayne Watkins – 3.955 et – 185.21 mph
Right Lane: Mike Neal – 3.984 et – 178.99 mph

Great side by side pass here!!

Left Lane: Michael Neal - 6.282 et - 106.13 mph

Right Lane: Josh Hernandez - 3.992 et - 187.83 mph

Josh used up the entire lane on this pass!!!

Left Lane: John Stanley - 4.201 et - 183.47 mph

Right Lane: Wes Johnston - 3.846 et - 195.08 mph

Killer run by Johnston again as he hammers his way to the top of the ladder!!! Unreal performance by that team today!!

Left Lane: Brian Daniels - 5.564 et - 94.06 mph

RIght Lane: Chris Russo - 4.024 et - 184.62 mph

IHRA regular Russo makes a real nice run to close the show...


Mike Castellana lights up the southern Georgia night with a 4.152 elapsed time.


Shannon Jenkins has his 'Black Ice' 1968 Camaro running strong in Valdosta.

Pro Nitrous Qualifying Notes - Round #1

Left Lane: Burton Auxier – 5.392 et – 100.51 mph
Right Lane: Annette Summer - 4.327 et  – 167.88 mph

Burton shakes the tire around the gear change & has to lift.. Pink has a soft setup on the car & makes a clean run...

Left Lane: Thomas Myers – 7.002 et – 66.16 mph

Right Lane: John Deflorian – 4.839 et – 126.41 et

Slick has a HUGE wheelstand and has to click it off… That got a the crowd excited!!

Left Lane: Terry Murphy – 5.985 et – 78.72 mph
Right Lane: Shannon Jenkins – 4.255 et – 175.50 mph

Murphy runs into tire shake… Jenkins makes the “Black Ice” competition debut with no apparent problems from here…

Left Lane: Johnny Pilcher – 5.994 et – 81.55 mph
Right Lane: Josh Chester – 6.401 et – 73.12 mph

Side by side tire shake for both guys…

Left Lane: Keith Baker – 4.049 et – 183.37 mph
Right Lane: Greg Godwin – 4.116 et – 179.47 mph

Greg side by side pass here as former world champ Baker goes straight to #1!!!

Left Lane: Randy Weatherford – 4.015 et – 183.12 mph
Right Lane: Doug Reisterer – 4.366 et – 166.33 mph

Reisterer with a .989 60’, then ran into huge tire shake & slapped the throttle, but Weatherford was long gone, making a killer run!!! Weatherford is running PAR power by the way…

Left Lane: Jamie Hancock – 4.080 et – 179.52 mph
Right Lane: Stan Allen – 6.963 et – 78.56 mph

The kid, defending World Champ Hancock makes a great pass while Allen shakes, gets crossed up & has to lift…

Left Lane: Pat Moore – 5.694 et – 85.05 mph
Right Lane: Harold Martin – 4.122 et – 172.34 mph

Pat Moore is in Mike Lockwood’s ’63 this weekend… Martin goes to the #5 spot, but man he was pumping out huge smoke the entire length of the track… We are down for just a couple minutes due to oil…

Left Lane: Blake Housley – 7.663 et – 58.27 mph

Right Lane:

Housley is in Mike Walker’s beautiful C5… He encounters major shake & rattles something loose, putting parts on the track…

Left Lane: Steve Vick – 6.151 et – 106.32 mph
Right Lane: Jim Halsey – 4.023 et – 185.92 mph

Halsey has a .999 60’ & drifted out of the groove just a bit, probably costing him the #1 spot… He goes to #2 for now…

Left Lane: Dennis Radford – 3.987 et – 180.55 mph
Right Lane: Dan Parker – 4.014 et – 182.38 mph

Parker does a great driving job, but Radford was long gone on his way to the top!!!! Killer run in the gorgeous Cuda!!

Left Lane: Mike Castellana – 4.152 et – 183.17 mph
Right Lane: Sam Brown – 4.678 et – 138.81 mph

Castellana with great mph, but a little off on the et…

Left Lane:
Right Lane: Billy Harper – 3.829 et – 187.05 mph

This run was thrown out... The numbers came up  as  a .188 R/T, .887 60',  2.51 330'... Obviously  an inaccurate 60' & 330' number...

Left Lane:

Right Lane: Tim Savell – 4.005 et – 182.53 mph

Killer run by Savell, straight as a string...


Elliott Thompson yanks the wheels high in the air on his Extreme 10.5 Outlaw Camaro. He's qualified 9th in the 16-car field.


Extreme 10.5 Qualifying Notes - Round #1

Left Lane: Craig Miller – 8.124 et – 49.02 mph
Right Lane:

Miller has issues right off the line…

Left Lane: Jim Blair – 7.312 et – 59.49 mph
Right Lane: Gary White – 6.002 et – 49.02 mph

Side by side tire shake right off the line for both drivers…

Left Lane: Michelle Wilson – 4.398 et – 165.33 mph
Right Lane: Rodney Rosensteil – 4.388 et – 167.97 mph

Great side by side passes here, Rodney hanging the front end for the entire 660’ while going to #1!!!

Left Lane: Steve Kirk – 4.351 et – 172.45 mph
Right Lane: Steve Gorman – 5.287 et – 102.75 mph

Kirk comes out & goes right to the top of the ladder!!!

Left Lane: Bill Jewett – 4.506 et – 169.93 mph
Right Lane: HT Wilson – 8.091 et – 129.75 mph

Wilson had problems on the line & just motored it through…

Left Lane: Michael Neal – 4.548 et – 164.93 mph
Right Lane: Doug Horween – N/T

Horween was leaking fluid on the burnout & was shut off… Neal slapped the throttle once on this pass…

Left Lane: Cory Wheat – 5.682 et – 105.09 mph

Right Lane: Todd Moyer – 5.061 et – 140.69 mph

Both drivers haad to peddle their rides…

Left Lane: Mike Hill – 4.303 et – 171.64 mph
Right Lane: Elliott Thompson – 4.736 et – 152.90 mph

Killer run by Hill, carrying the front end way in the air & driving it out the back door!!!

Left Lane: David Janes – 8.020 et – 87.43 mph
Right Lane:

Janes just blows the tires off right at the hit of the throttle…

Left Lane: Alex Viscardi – 4.474 et – 167.61 mph

Right Lane:

Viscardi pours the power on the big end, drifting close to the wall but riding it out to the #5 spot…

Nothing says Outlaw 10.5 racing like a turbocharged Scion.


Pro Extreme Motorcycle Qualifying Notes - Round #1

Left Lane: Robert Hunnicutt – 4.392 et – 161.88 mph
Right Lane: Eddie Gonder Jr  - 7.841 et – 54.08 mph

There was a big pop & flash of flame from the pipes on Gonder’s bike… Hunnicutt made a nice pass to open the show…

Left Lane: Larry Berg – 5.225 et – 136.37 mph
Right Lane:

Berg had a soft setup on the bike & it sounded like he was laboring a bit…

Left Lane: Louie Grist – 4.523 et – 153.06 mph
Right Lane: John Sacks Jr – 4.390 et – 156.52 mph

Grist carried the front wheel a long way, but newcomer Sacks went to the top of the order…

Left Lane: Ron Clark – 4.422 et – 153.06 mph
Right Lane: Carlos Wilkerson – 4.472 et – 158.32 mph

World record holder in the left lane… Nice side by side passes…

Left Lane: TT Jones – 4.372 et – 164.33 mph

Right Lane: Kenny Hill – 9.387 et – 48.45 mph

 Hill has problems while TT goes to the top of the qualifying order with a nice pass, but it appears he hurt a motor in the lights & puts down a little oil... We are down for a cleanup…

8:45 PM – We are back to action after a lengthy cleanup…

Left Lane: Baybay Yarbrough – 4.489 et – 137.50 mph

Right Lane: Coodee Thomas – 4.433 et – 160.31 mph

Coodee goes th the #5 spot, but puts down a lot of smoke… Apparently scattering a motor as we are down again for a parts cleanup…

Left Lane: #252 – 6.104 et – 75.60 mph
Right Lane: #4143 – 4.429 et – 161.59 mph

Nice pass in the right lane…

Left Lane: Charlie Prophit – 7.509 et – 59.65 mph
Right Lane: Craig Rosenberg – 5.389 et – 88.36 mph

Prophit has problems right off the line, Rosenberg with his own a little farther down track …

Left Lane: Billy vose – 4.305 et – 165.99 mph
Right Lane: Darian Guliiory – 4.667 et – 138.47 mph

Defending champ Vose makes a great run to go the the #1 spot!!!

Left Lane: Mantez Thompson – 4.581 et – 155.20 mph
Right Lane: Mimmo Marciano – 4.409 et – 162.47 mph

Real nice pass by Marciano…

Left Lane: Nikie Corley – 4.323 et – 164.43 mph
Right Lane: Matt Prophit – 4.425 et – 162.25 mph

Corley makes a nice pass to go the the #2 spot in the order…

Left Lane: Tommy Campbell – 5.398 et – 99.47 mph
Right Lane:

Campbell has all sorts of problems, flames & smoke out of the pipes… And he put oil down as well… The left lane has taken a beating in this session…

Left Lane: J P Mattox – broke
Right Lane:

Mattox broke on the burnout…

Left Lane: Terry Wynn – 4.837 et – 99.47 mph
Right Lane:

Wynn was lazy off the line, but it cleared up about the 330’…

Left Lane: Monte Campbell – 4.455 et – 159.07 mph
Right Lane:

Campbell makes a decent pass which puts him in the #11 spot…

Left Lane: Artavious McArthur – 4.903 et – 138.17 mph
Right Lane:

McArthur with problems on the big end…





sgmp_300dpi.jpgThe Flowmaster American Drag Racing League (ADRL) presented by the National Guard gets back on track this weekend, May 9-10, as it stages the 4th annual Hardee’s Georgia Drags at South Georgia Motorsports Park (SGMP), near Valdosta, GA. With the postponement of its race last month due to heavy rain in Tulsa, it’s been nine long weeks since the ADRL season opener at Houston, TX.

Standing room only crowds are expected at SGMP, where racers in four professional classes—Pro Extreme, Pro Nitrous, Extreme 10.5 and Pro Extreme Motorcycle—will compete in eighth-mile, head-to-head action. Pro race teams from all four corners of the country have already started making their way to the south-Georgia strip to go after their share of the nearly $100,000 total purse.

Every competitor in the supercharged Pro Extreme class will be looking to upset Houston winner Joshua Hernandez, racing as part of a new, two-car, National Guard-backed team with drag racing legend Jim Oddy calling the shots on his tune-up. Also certain to be vying for the SGMP win will be defending ADRL world champion Jason Scruggs, who at Rockingham, NC, last year became the first doorslammer driver in history to exceed 200 miles per hour over an eighth mile. Scruggs also holds the Pro Extreme elapsed time  record of an incredible 3.70 seconds and increased his speed record to an unreal 205.47 mph at Houston. Other top challengers will include defending race champ Joe Baker, 2006 Pro Extreme champ Bubba Stanton, young gun Travis Swearingen and Texas veteran Frankie “Madman” Taylor.

Maryland’s Jim Halsey is on a roll in the Pro Nitrous class, winning two of the last three ADRL events, including the 2008 season opener. He’ll be fending off the likes of last year’s SGMP winner Johnny Pilcher, 2006 class champ Keith Baker, Shannon “The Iceman” Jenkins in an all-new ride, E.T. record holder (3.96 seconds) Doug Riesterer and 18-year-old reigning champion Jamie Hancock, who became the youngest driver ever to win a major drag racing world championship last year. Additionally, EFI wizard Harold Martin will pilot the second National Guard entry in Pro Nitrous trim.

ADRL created and debuted its Extreme 10.5 class last season, featuring cars with no powerplant or weight limitations, but running on relatively narrow 10.5-inch-wide rear slicks. Defending race champion Mike Hill, who also is featured in the current issue of Adrenaline, the official magazine of the ADRL, will face tough competition from drivers like current class champion Steve Gorman, Texas standouts Todd Moyer and Cory Wheat, and Michelle Wilson, the only woman competing full-time with the ADRL.

The Pro Extreme Motorcycle class made its ADRL competition debut last year at Valdosta, with the first race title going to Steve Drake. At the end of the year Billy Vose beat out top speed record holder (169.10 mph) and Georgia’s own Coodee Thomas in the championship final. Ron Procopio was the Houston winner and all the bikers will certainly thrill the Valdosta crowd with nitrous-assisted, side-by-side, wheels-up action.

With ideal-for-racing weather conditions also predicted for SGMP this weekend, the 4th annual Hardee’s Georgia Drags is all set to become another ADRL record-setting event.