Both Jeff Diehl and defending event champion Del Worsham breezed through their quarter-final matches to create a battle which should go down to the wire next week.

In a rematch of the inaugural event, Diehl, the #2 seed will try to avenge a loss to Worsham. Diehl is representing the late Jungle Jim Liberman, while Worsham rode his way to the title with Raymond Beadle's Blue Max.

To get to the semis, Diehl took the measure of the No. 7 ranked Jonnie Lindberg, in the Roland Leong Hawaiian-tribute. For his part, Worsham took out third-generation drag racer Austin Prock in the Detroit Tiger entry.

On Wednesday, Bob Bode and Tim Wilkerson were declared winners of their matches.

Bode, in the Tom Hoover Showtime-themed throwback, won the closest match of the weekend, stopping Ron Capps in the Ed McCulloch R-r-r-evellution Mopar.

Bode will meet Wilkerson in the Chi-town Hustler entry which elimination J.R. Todd's Dale Pulde War Eagle tribute. 

Eliminations on the "A' side of the ladder begin Monday morning and run through Wednesday at 8 PM, EST. On Wednesday morning, Diehl and Worsham will decide the final round representation from the "B" side. This match will end on Friday at 8 PM, EST.