Jerry Savoie’s White Alligator Racing team won the Chevrolet Performance NHRA U.S. Nationals title when rider L.E. Tonglet beat Eddie Krawiec in the final. 

In fact, Savoie’s Suzuki team, a customer of Vance & Hines’ engine program, eliminated two of the three Screamin’ Eagle Harley-Davidson team bikes in competition. However, it wasn’t Krawiec’s full-time teammate with whom Tonglet beat in the second round of competition. 

Though Savoie lost to Krawiec and not Ellis in the first round, he’s still not a fan of the most dominant team in Pro Stock Motorcycle bringing out a third bike ridden by Chip Ellis, in what his post-race press release describes as a blocker. 

“I’m a little not so happy about the third Harley,” said Savoie. “I don’t know what that’s gonna prove, and why would they do that to their customers? I don’t get it. But that makes us wanna work harder and beat them even more.”

While it’s unclear whether the aforementioned situation has had any bearing on private talk of a semi-retirement or retirement as a rider, the fact is Savoie is now talking publicly about such a status change. 

“I‘m gettin’ to that age now where I might just step back a little bit. I don’t want to get out completely—maybe make five or six races,” said Savoie, 59, and a past NHRA World Champion. 

“But I’d like to keep Tim and the team running. The truck and the team will be out there—absolutely, whether I’m out there on a full season or not. We’re tryin’ to set up now what goes on next year. We’ve got some things coming down the pike that I think are pretty impressive.” 

Savoie confirmed there is nothing set in stone for 2019 for either sponsorship from Nitrofish or rider L.E. Tonglet, so there is active search for both a rider and sponsor. 

“So we’re looking for another rider to put on my bike,” Savoie confirmed. “It takes a good rider, but we have a proven product. I think we can get somebody that it takes to compete and win races.”

Tim Hailey contributed to this report