Antron Brown understands in this world of magical cell phones, and ever-reaching social media, the absurd really doesn't happen unless someone catches the experience on video. 

Thus begins the sordid tale of Brown's absurd interruption during an interview with discussing the merits of reformulating the NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing's Countdown to the Champion. 

"So your solution to fixing the Countdown is to ensure playoff cars only run playoff cars?" Brown was asked.

Then silence on the other end, and all of a sudden enough ruckus in the background to suggest the theme from the Benny Hill Show should begin playing at any moment. 

"Here piggy piggy," Brown said, obviously distracted. "Uh, come here ... get out of the road."

Then Brown stopped talking,

"Bobby, give me a second here, we got a pig stampede going on here," Brown exclaimed. 

And, in this one sentence, Brown's experience became the most exciting Don Schumacher Racing barnyard experience since a lost bull gored Matt Hagan's pick-up truck in the middle of an interview,

Brown is in the midst of moving to Pittsboro, Ind., just outside of Brownsburg, and eight miles away from the DSR shop. In a kinda-sorta way, the place has the feeling of a Hooterville.

"Pretty much, that’s how I live," Brown said, laughing. "That’s where I live, just laid back, relaxed."

Brown didn't exactly panic when the pigs came racing back at him, and a neighbor. Credit previous experience as the best teacher. 

Brown boasts he's caught a greased pig before at the fair.

"I used to have a hog farm right next to where I grew up and that place was the nastiest smelling place I ever smelled in my life," Brown admitted.

Brown also admitted he never saw a slab of bacon he didn't like either. 

Except on this day Brown was into shooing and corralling, and not catching. After all, he had his good clothes on. 

"The way those pigs looked, it was the only reason I didn’t go grab one," Brown said. "Them jokers look dirty man. They were all muddy, messy, nasty."