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To truly understand Tom "the Mongoose" McEwen, you must walk a mile in his shoes.

McEwen, on the outside, was the epitome of marketing success on the drag strip. His life off of the track was a combined measure of personal success and heartbreaking tragedy.

McEwen grew up without a father; having lost him as a young child in a plane crash. He was a driven kid determined to make his mark on the race track and once there, and he was able to shine in his element. The drag strip enabled McEwen to develop a kinship with Don 'the Snake" Prudhomme.

In this episode of Legends: The Series, McEwen shares his innermost feelings about loss, having lost his dad at a young age and later in life, the passing of two sons. But, is not sadness for McEwen, who revels in his fame associated with the Mattel: Hot Wheels program and winning the big races.

Sit back and enjoy this incredible look inside the life for one of drag racing's more storied personalities.