The AMS Pro Mod series recently posted an announcement on AMSProMods.com, that if a sponsor agreement is not made by the Las Vegas race, Dave Wood and AMS will back out.  This is not a red flag sent out by AMS or NHRA, just a communication with teams and fans, and the AMS series wanted everyone to know the whole story. 

According to Matthew Brammer, series administrator, “I think it’s important, and it’s been important all year, that we communicate and know what’s going on.  People have to plan, racers have to plan, and teams have to got to do all those things, and that’s critical.  I made a commitment at the beginning of the season to let people know what’s going on.  Dave and I talked, and we both agreed that we have to set a timeline with this; we have to draw a line in the sand.  We’re not going to let it happen like it did last year, not February, January, okay guys now we have a series.  So, what we said and what’s on the AMS Pro Mod site, is Dave has said if we don’t have the funding signed, sealed, and delivered by Las Vegas, which is our last race, he’s going to pull his support of the series. 

“Now, with that said, that is in no way a white flag, we’re not throwing in the towel, there’s nothing like that.  I think that we have some incredibly good things, especially after this weekend.  Things are looking better for next year then they have in a very long time.  We’re talking about a better program; better television, larger purses, and even expanding the races, so the outlook is really positive, and there is a line in the sand so people can plan their rides.  That’s really what the whole point is.” - Amy Johnson