Flying Eyes, a line of sunglasses Summer Hawk Optics, Inc., announced a safety improvement to its existing Golden Eagle Sport and Hawk Convertible frames for motorsports racing teams. The two frames are now certified to meet ANSI/ISEA Z87.1-2015 safety standards, and are available on

Flying Eyes delivers precision eyewear that improves vision by enhancing contrast for better depth perception with lightweight, shatterproof polycarbonate lenses. The flexibility and thinness of the temples (or arms) of the frames allow the sunglasses to be worn with protective headgear, including helmets and headsets. Dean Siracusa, president of Flying Eyes and an avid pilot of rare aircrafts, was involved in the motorsports world since the late 1980s, and he has seen the major changes in helmets and headsets, which now prohibits the effective use of traditional eyewear.

“Advancements in safety and performance have led to a tighter, more form-fitted helmet, which leaves little or no room for protective eyewear,” said Siracusa. “We are the only eyewear company that offers racing teams this level of safety and optical clarity, and still be comfortable while wearing a helmet or a headset.”

Flying Eyes originated in the aviation market, where pilots are exposed to severe amounts of UV radiation and need eye protection from the sun. However, because modern headsets have a higher clamping force to better reduce noise, more than 75% of pilots were opting not to wear sunglasses with required headsets due to discomfort.

When Flying Eyes introduced patented eyewear that addressed this issue head-on, the sunglasses quickly became the pilot’s number one choice in eyewear.

By extension, racing teams also need protective eyewear on and off the track. Now certified to meet ANSI/ISEA Z87.1-2015 standards for impact protection, lens clarity and UV blocking, Flying Eyes are the choice for comfort and protection and are currently worn by many NASCAR teams.

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