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cncblocks2bThree years ago the SV-1 was released and Pro Systems hasn't looked back and continues to make the SV-1 better and better.

The New for 2013 SV-1 Gasoline metering blocks are the latest move and this week they started rolling off the Pro Systems in house CNC.

These new for 2013 Gasoline metering blocks offer so much part throttle signal that on many of the SV-1's they are no longer incorporating the use of the intermediate circuit.

Proclaims company President Patrick James, "We originally added an intermediate circuit on the SV-1 as we found some combinations just couldn't operate properly at part throttle without one.  Now with our new "in house" CNC Billet metering blocks built just for the SV-1, its just not needed anymore.  Best of all the design can use either 4500 or 4150 bowl and metering gaskets, jets and bleeds, so no more scrambling at the track for special parts."

The new SV-1 for 2013 has just amazing part throttle operation and even faster throttle response and shift recovery!!

Your SV-1 can be updated to the current configuration for as little as $180.00 (this includes a complete freshening).  Contact Pro Systems for details and get yours upgraded today.

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