Powerhouse® Releases New Valve Lash Adjusting Torque Wrench

Avoid too loose or too tight lash adjustments with new specialty tool that gets it just right

Setting your engine’s valve lash is one of those chores that always leave a note of doubt in your mind - did I get that rocker adjuster on tight enough? Powerhouse® Products takes the guesswork out of valve lash adjustment with a torque wrench specially created to make certain you get the exact torque setting you need. Best of all, the new Powerhouse® Products Valve Lash Adjusting Torque Wrench comes complete with three different size T-handle hex wrenches: 3/16, 5/32 and 1/8-inch, pre-set for 20 ft lbs of torque application, the industry standard.

Valve lash adjustment has often been relegated to “close is good enough” status because few tools were available to get the job done correctly. But the downside of improper adjustment is engine damage. Get the lash too tight, and you damage the adjusters, adjuster nuts and rocker arms. Get it too loose, and parts can come loose and fall into your engine. To use the Powerhouse® Products Valve Lash Adjusting Torque Wrench, simply slip the appropriate sized adjuster nut 3/8-drive socket over the T-handle, and click it in place. Set the valve lash with the adjuster nut, and lock the adjuster in place with the T-handle.

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