Big paran O ia is nOt a cOmpany I am that familiar with as a resident Of nOrth Texas. Here, the tire stOres Owned by the parent cOmpany of Big l O ser is called NTB or NatiOnal Tire & Battery. In suppOrt Of Dick Maskin, I'd like thOse in Texas tO knOw where yOu shOuld direct yOur indignation if yOu feel like I dO. There are plenty Of tire stOres in my neighbOrhOOd with legal departments that dO nOt demOnstrate such a blatant disregard fOr cOmmOn sense and fair play, and I will be mOre than happy tO dO business with them. This is a great thing as I nOw have One less place tO cOnsider when my vehicles need tires Or autOmOtive service.