I don’t like this Race to the Cup thing, but not for the reasons Asher stated.  I don’t think it would change the TV coverage more than a slight amount.  They already concentrate on the points deal; this would for the most part broaden, not narrow, the coverage; also when an underdog wins they can’t just pan back in the field to show the points guys; they have to cover that race.

I think Asher hit on the reason this stuff sucks but didn’t concentrate on it, and that is the fickleness of the combinations for all the pro categories.  I can’t even imagine the brains and patience it takes to tune one of these suckers; the occasional electrical problem in my 8 second bracket dragster is more than enough brain exercise for me (keep repeating….its a bad ground….its a bad ground).  I don’t like the fact that a team could dominate the year, really deserve to win the thing, and have a slump, really, in just the last two races and lose it to a car that just happens to be on a hot streak (and how many cars are able to go on a short hot streak?  Just about ALL of them).  I see their point in keeping interest in the points chases which is tough when someone runs away with it, but in recent years at least one category has gone down to the final race; wasn’t last years FC points chase the most exciting in the history of the sport?

It will be interesting to see the pro teams reaction to this.  I think the top teams will be in favor because of the odds of their being in the chase (ex: Force, Schumacher), but I kind of hope we have a few more Shirleys out there to speak their mind.  I keep going back to the Connie Kalitta ‘quote’ from Heart Like A Wheel about trying to make this sport like GOLF. 

But wait a second.  I don’t see them doing anything to handicap Tiger Woods and make it easier for the field to beat him.  How do you think the average golf fan would feel about THAT?  I think they’d be shoving their titanium 460cc drivers up the PGA’s……well, you know. - Wild Bill Horton