After competing at the recently completed World Nationals held at NRP where 1006 racers were in attendance and now hearing the rumors being substantiated about the switch to NHRA, I wanted to pass on a few thoughts about my perceptions on the Baders.

Are the Baders all about money and the professional classes?

Have they really ever cared about IHRA and the sportsman racer who have brought the IHRA and their facility to where they are?

I aplaud the shows that they have put on and the facility that these sportsman racers and the fans that have helped them build. Do the Baders care if the NHRA will only bring 500 racers to their event? I agree the fans will follow the NHRA pros. I can remember when stars like John Force and others couldn't wip their way out of a wet paper bag at any of the sanctioning bodies, where did they get their start? I think most of them raced IHRA.

I hope that IHRA continues to grow and they continue to gain popularity with sponsors and tracks who will snub their noses at NHRA and folks like the Baders. Will there be any other pioneers that will step in an take their place? - Jim Cornett