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What seemed amazing to me didn’t seem like such a big deal to others.

Admittedly, this isn’t that unusual. I’ve never watched what others inexplicably call “reality” shows. This isn’t completely true, I guess. In the entire history of Conniver, America’s Got Balance and The Pretentious, I may have watched a grand total of 30 minutes, mostly by something approaching osmosis while sitting in a restaurant.

I may have gotten the names wrong. Whatever.

What NASCAR fans call iRaces, or eRaces, or sims, or virtual races, or all four at various times during a telecast, are closer to reality shows that anything thus branded. I’ve enjoyed them for the same reason most do, I guess. They beat nothing.

On Friday (it was April 10; I looked it up), I decided to see where the Sunday (April 12) iRace virtually was. I discovered to my astonishment it was a rerun; not a rerun of the, oh, 2017 Friends Reunion Sonoma Valley Wine & Cheese 350 Presented by Velveeta, but the race simulated live way back on March 22.

How soon they forget, apparently.

When I inquired about this on social media, someone noted that Easter was an off date, so, yeah, it was a rerun.

Undoubtedly, amnesiacs everywhere watched.

Who’d watch an iRace on Easter? One certainly couldn’t expect thousands and thousands of iFans to travel hundreds of iMiles and gather in iCamps around the iTrack, and that’s not even counting all the iDrivers with their iTeams iRacing for iPoints and earning iMoney for their iSponsors. They had to go to iChurch.

Of course, it was an iRerun!

I’d like to think I’m not going to watch the iRerun. Maybe I’ll surf over at the end for Denny Hamlin’s iBurnout.

What else is on? Ben-Hur is on TCM. There’s a dirt-track race in that.