When Outlaw 632 came on the PDRA scene, it was immediately well-received and quickly established a spot on the PDRA tour. The class will enter its third PDRA season in 2018, again competing in five of the eight events, and this time with a fresh name, Pro 632.

This season, Dillon Voss and the Voss Racing Engines Team dominated Outlaw 632, winning four of the five events and coming home with a decisive victory as the 2017 Outlaw 632 World Champion. 

Thanks to his father, Kenny, who started Voss Racing Engines, Dillon and his twin brother Cory grew up in motorsports. They began learning the trade and racing at a young age, eventually going to work with their father in the engine shop. 

“When we turned eight, we got into the junior dragster deal,” Voss storied. “We did that for two or three years. Then we got into dirt go karts. We ran that for a year or two. That was really cool because I got some different seat time and exposure to a different style of racing. So that was really fun.”

It was all in preparation for competing in full size drag cars, so by the time Dillon stepped into the seat, he was well versed behind the wheel. For the first few years in full sized cars, Dillon and Cory had to share the seat.  

“Dad was running Pro Extreme, Pro Mod,” continued Voss. “Then when we turned 18, we put one of our cars together for me and Cory to drive. Dad eventually got out of the seat and pretty much turned it over to me and Cory. The first two years we traded back and forth. I would drive one; he would drive one. Recently, whenever we started doing good, Cory started learning more and realized he likes the tuning aspect of it more than he likes to drive. He still does drive, but when it comes to our team, he strictly tunes and does a really good job at it.”

The team began competing in the Florida-based 632 series, as well as select Duck X events. They won several championships at Bradenton Motorsports Park and were consistent frontrunners.  When the PDRA picked up the 632 class, the Voss family supported the expansion of the class they’d come to love. It was clear that if they were going to chase a championship, the team would need clearly defined roles with one driver and a lead crew chief. 



Cory had been honing his skills as a tuner, slowly taking over the reins from his father. Leaning on a longtime partnership with Richard Earle of Suncoast Race Cars, Cory began working with top teams, such as John Montecalvo and Rickie Smith. This gave him the opportunity to learn from some of the best in the business and was a major factor in realizing his passion as a tuner over that of a driver. 

“There wasn’t any one point in my career where I decided this was what I wanted to do,” told Cory. “It just started out as baby steps as my dad let me take control of the tuning stuff and turned into where I got on with John Montecalvo with the Pro Stock team, helping with their clutch setup. That was a big step where I realized this is what I want to do. I found that the challenges of tuning and making the clutch work, the chassis work, the nitrous work, everything work as a unit was more challenging and fun over the driving aspect.”

At the end of last year, the team took a long, hard look at their program to reevaluate their goals and the steps they wanted to take to accomplish them.

“We had a rough year last year and actually took a break at the beginning of this year.” Dillon explained. “We sold our old car and started working with Richard to debut our new car, which didn't debut until the second PDRA GALOT race. So we borrowed a car for Darlington and the first GALOT race. We also restructured our program. We had a rough year last year - we ran well and set a record, but we couldn’t find the winner’s circle. We were very inconsistent. So we took a step back and regrouped, put all of our eggs in one basket and looked at the program a little differently. It worked out very well. When we came back we won three of the PDRA races. We debuted a new car at GALOT and were 21 for 22 rounds this fall. It really worked out in the long run. It was very hard to stop racing, but it was necessary for the long goal.” 

It was an incredible year for Dillon personally as well as professionally. He moved to South Florida this year to start a family and welcomed son Jackson into the world in February.

The Voss team credits their father and mentor, Kenny, their uncle Mark, Richard and Beverly Earle with Suncoast Race Cars, Craig Liberty at Liberty Gears, DJ Safety, ARC, and RAM Clutches in aiding in the championship feat.

“A lot of people that made the success possible,” added Cory. “We were always fast in the Florida series, but we were never consistent. The knowledge that I’ve learned through Montecalvo and Rickie Smith has made us not only fast, but also consistent. That’s where we’ve really grown. My dad and Richard Earl have been huge influences for us and more recently, John Montecalvo, Tommy Lee, William Cavallo. Those three, as well as Lois Anne, are family to me. This year they’ve brought me on board with them and treated me like family. Any question I had they didn’t hold back.” 

Now that the Voss team is checking goals off their list, they’re ready to pour themselves into the 2018 season of Outlaw 632. Not too far out of their sights, however, is stepping up into Extreme Pro Stock. Their Outlaw 632 Corvette is set up with a clutch and Liberty 5 speed transmission to help make an easy transition into the class when the time is right. 

Juggling family, racing, and a thriving engine shop is quite a full plate for the 26 year old brothers, but as the 2017 Outlaw 632 Championship attests, they are up for the challenge and ready for more.