SFG Promotions, Inc. successfully kicked off its season last weekend at Darlington Dragway amid the downturn of the coronavirus pandemic. The season opening event was compacted into one day (Mother’s Day), featuring a $25,000-to-win main event and a $5,000-to-win Shootout for those ousted from main event competition by 4th round. 128 door cars and 128 dragsters were allowed into the race, and in the end, Dale Crouch came out victorious. 

In the final round of the main event, Crouch lit up the scoreboards with a 4.684, running dead-on his 4.68 dial. His opponent, Shane Maddox broke out with a 4.436 on his 4.44 dial to take silver. 

In the 64-car Shootout, Jeff Serra took home the win and the $5,000 check from SFG.

SFG will return to Darlington Dragway in just two weeks, hosting a $50,000 and $25,000-to-win race on Sunday, May 24th, and Memorial Day Monday, May 25th respectively. 128 door cars and 128 dragsters will be allowed to enter the events and each entry must enter both events for a $750 total entry fee.  

Pre-entry for the events will open Thursday at 6pm Central Time through SFG’s website: The Mother’s Day $25K race, which was announced just a week before it’s running sold out in one hour, so be sure to prepare for the pre-entry release date to secure your chance at $75,000.

During the week of SFG’s upcoming $50,000 and $25,000-to-win races, Darlington Dragway will also host a Gambler’s race on Friday and a $5,000-to-win bracket race on Saturday before SFG competition begins Sunday. As usual, door cars and dragsters will be kept separate in SFG’s events for as long as possible.