Oh dear . . . Maybe it’s a wise move for Top Fuel racer Cameron Ferré not to take the advice of close buddy, sportsman-racing veteran, and “Racers in Rental Cars” podcast co-host Don O’Neal.

All racers are trying to find a way to stand out among the crowd and get attention for their sponsors or attract a sponsor. But in the most recent episode of “Racers in Rental Cars,” O’Neal came up with a sure-fire way to attract attention – and spark a melee. Just before the Las Vegas race, O’Neal pondered the universal lament by racers then, in tongue-in-cheek fashion, suggested an ingenious move:

Don O’Neal: “What can you do when you’re a racer and you’re trying to get your name out there, doing anything and everything . . .You’re basically becoming your own . . . let’s just call it ‘pimp’ for yourself . . . to try to get attention.  . . . Seriously, what do you have to do? What can you do? What should you do? Of course, there’s always ‘You shouldn’t grab a driver by the waist and body-slam him to the ground on pit road.’

Cameron Ferré: “I’m thinking about it.”

DO: “Dude, I’m totally thinking if you want to get some serious TV coverage, you get your one and only qualifier that you’ll probably do, get out of the car, and run over and punch whoever it is that’s –

CF: “Just whoever’s standing there?”

DO: “Just the poor soul who ever ended up being in the performance order to run beside you–”

CF: “Like get down like I know what I’m talking about with football, like I’m in a football stance? With my luck – I’m so little – it’d be like one of the bigger dudes, like Terry McMillen, and I’d just go pffftd and I’d fall over.”

DO: “Dude, it’s Halloween week in Vegas. You can totally pull it off, like you’re going to be a superhero. Get a cape or something.  . . . I’m telling you: we would get some TV coverage. I’m telling you – if you get out of your car and throw your hands in the air like you’re Rocky Balboa and run over and just jump on somebody’s back.”

CF: “Like a koala?”

DO: “Dude – Like a kangaroo – just hop in somebody’s pouch. Something. Say you’re swapping cars. Go over and jump in their car.”

What happened on the podcast stayed on the podcast.