Over the course of a full day of racing at the COMP Cams Street Car Super Nationals 16 Presented by FuelTech at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway Saturday, hundreds of cars launched down the world-class track. Amazing side-by-side passes were made. Some wheel-standing race cars went nearly vertical. American muscle and Detroit iron blasted down the superbly-prepared racing surface.

All watched and taken in by masked fans following the directives of the state of Nevada.

COVID-19 has changed most of the ways of life Americans considered normal since mid-March. Sports, including racing, have been limited greatly, including events where fans are either allowed in minimal numbers or, in some instances, not at all.

SCSN 16 Promoter Mel Roth said he is both amazed and proud of the way racers and fans have reacted to the edicts the state of Nevada has laid down to ensure the safety of large-event participants.

"This is what a family does," Roth said. "The vast majority of the folks at the race understand that while the masks may be burdensome at times, the reasons for wearing them are important. Our fans and racers know we're under scrutiny so they've done everything they can to make sure this race could be run as close to normal as possible. I just can't say enough how much I love these people."

Despite the issues, the event's car count (approximately 550 entries) has stayed relatively the same. The drop in numbers can be attributed almost entirely to the fact the race's large contingent of Canadian racers who were unable to make the trip over the border. To honor those who couldn't make their annual trip to the desert, Roth continued the tradition of playing the National Anthem of Canada just prior to the rendition of the Star Spangled Banner.
(Slim Zeinaty suffers a nitrous explosion during qualifying. Slim was unhurt. Photo by Gary Natase)

While fans were social distancing in the stands and in the pits, SCSN participants were laying down blistering passes on the track. In Precision Turbo Pro Mod, Thursday's Pro Mod Shootout winner Ed Thornton returned to the top of the ladder Saturday with a Q5 run of 5.543 seconds at 273.22 mph.

SCSN 16 top qualifiers:

Vortech Outlaw 8.5: Jason McLean, 4.615 seconds, 154.33 mph

MagnaFuel Outlaw 10.5: Gilly Bobby, 3.960 seconds, 198.85 mph

MagnaFuel XDR: Johnny Coleman, 4.091 seconds, 181.84 mph

Ross Pistons Limited 235: Meg Ramsey, 5.249 seconds, 134.82 mph

Mickey Thompson Tires X275: John Urist, 4.225 seconds, 171.10 mph

Nitrous Outlet Super Index: Jeff Longden, 9.601 seconds, 9.600 Index

Red Tide Canopies Triple Index: Derrick Greenhalgh, 10.602 seconds, 10.60 Index

MMR Open Comp: Craig Schell

Morrow Bros Mustang Maddness: Michael Hadrath, RT .005 seconds

Unlimited Prod Electronics: KJ Desa, RT .000 seconds

Calvert Non Electronics: Steve Pyburn, RT .000 seconds