As a former NASCAR track manager, I can say without a doubt, NASCAR can spin numbers with the best of them. Their 75 million fans, so they say, think everything is just perfect. Thats why tickets are on sale for for virtually every race. Up here in the NH area, thousands of tickets are given out. BUSCH ticket sales, that's another joke. So NHRA wants to follow NASCARS lead? Who the hell is steering that ship? Better yet, why not just tell the 11 to whatever racers, or however their running this deal, go run IHRA while we take care of the guys in the chase. If IHRA see's this as an open door, they just might get their act together a little better, pay better money, and let NHRA eat crow. Not sure where they are headed, but it seems someone has their head up their ass. Shirley said it all if you read here response to this news. Gotta love her!! Have a nice day. - Stu