Very comprehensive summary, you did leave out "morons".  All we can do now is sent TJ messages of our support and admiration, and hope that is of some lift to his spirits. - Bill Anderson

He couldn’t possibly be the champion of such a joke of a series" unfair comment, is the Euro series a joke? Drag racing is growing in Europe and European designed products are used on many NHRA fuel cars and Alcohol cars. Many US businesses are benefiting from this joke series. The FIA make the rules for everyone in motor sport's outside the USA, rules are rules who apply to all who participate. - David O'Callaghan

Thank you SO much for your editorial about TJJ and the FIA's insane decision! Such discrimination for a diagnosed and proven medical condition, regardless of who or what it is for, just astounds me!  You said everything I was feeling! - Andrea Beaver

“There’s no team over there making a living by drag racing. These are guys doing this for the love of the sport. You still want to control that, but at the same time you have to be realistic. That is not F-1 but goes by the same standard. There is no way financially I can comply with some of the things they are asking of me. Some of the test they’ve asked there’s no way I can afford to do. The tests they want are of no relevance to my situation.”

I think all above from Tommy J says it all.

I still hope that Andersen Racing and Tommy J. will have some kind of apologize from FIA.

For All us involved in drag racing in Europe it`s so clear.  (Except FIA.....) - Ingemar Nilsson

I think this whole this has been a travesty, Tommy Johnson Jr. is a true gentleman and professional racer. Shame on the FIA, they are a bunch of idiots and have no business sanctioning drag racing anyway. Why doesn't the NHRA get involved and sanction the European market. Then and only then will people like Tommy Johnson not have to face such embarrassment, frustration and heartbreak. Screw those clowns over there. - Dana Wardell

 What do you expect from a bunch of arrogant, pseudo intellectual, egotistical, supposedly sophisticated Europeans? My mother would have said that they don't have enough sense to pour pee out of a boot with instructions on the heel. It is the usual case for them. We want your money, but ignorant colonists are not smart enough or talented enough to race with us.

TJ went and handily kicked their egos right into the toilet with the rest of the waste and they can't stand it. Nothing but the greenest of envy. Except when some tyrant enslaves them because they can't fight their way out of a paper bag or some natural disaster wrecks their pitiful excuse for a nation. Then it's all buddy buddy and please help us with your blood, sweat, tears, and money. It's obvious they had no real racers over there until TJ arrived.

Everyone they send over here to race is nothing but a bye round for any one of our guys from The Greek to The Sarge. Next time they need some help, tell FIA to blow it out their ears. Or any other opening for that matter. - Ted Smith

Things in Europe, things controlled by the U.N., are very much different than the freedoms and rules we experience here in the United States. I do not believe for one second that TJ has an issue with his reputation, it is fully and honorably intact.  The issue is messed up rules and laws that are overkill and I could go off on things that couldn't be printed of course (due to the weak minded), but TJ hasn't nothin' to worry about here in the good old USA.  Wish someone would have picked the kid up for the Nationals. Be patient young man, good things will come. - Mark Elms

If it's good enough for NHRA then it should be good enough for FIA.. nough said.. - Beriah Schmidt

If this doesn't smell like another way to keep U. S. born competitors out of the winner's circle, I don't know what does.  If you weren't winning Tommy this would be a non-issue... - Jack W Smith

I feel for Tommy, but as he should surely know, there is/are alternatives to this medicine and he would know that before it got this far, it was way too important to just not change the medicine. - Gary Larsen


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