I've been prone to write some smarmy, smart alecky,  and humor tinged (I hope) blurbs to you in the past, but this is not that time...

About the Antron article...

This pretty much confirms my thoughts about Antron as a person, and our sport in general. Not that I needed the confirmation but it was very moving to read this.

Antron...I appreciate the courage of posting his feelings and thoughts. It was a tragic day, nothing can change that. A freak accident with devastating results.

It's awesome that Antron has had dialogue with the boyfriend of the woman, and I hope somehow that the family can understand that drag racing is a big family ... and we all share in their tragedy.

The tragedy discussed is not taken lightly, and God Bless all involved as they shoulder the hurt more than the rest of the community, but we all shoulder it just the same.

This helps to keep things in perspective for us. A reality check, if you will, among so much of the pettiness that we can all be distracted with.

Thank you for sharing this article and insight with us !

Again, it bears repeating, God Bless to all involved and the extended families. - George Koehler


Great interview with Antron Brown.  He is a warm-hearted, wonderful, sincere guy, inside and out. To know him is to love him. So happy he is part of my family. - Faye Dominique


Thank you to Antron and Competition Plus for this story. I know what happened in Phoenix in 2010, but I have never heard how it affected Antron.  He is a wonderful man and a great Top Fuel Dragster driver, and I believe he has done exactly the right thing dealing with this tragedy.  God is the answer. - Jeannie Broussal


It is a good thing that Antron leans on God. It is also great that he has support from others. But if I were face to face with Antron, I would say "Give It To GOD" and when he meets Jesus someday he can ask why. But that accident was so isolated, in the sense of what are the real chances of getting hit by a drag slick falling out of the sky?  There was a reason but Antron will have to wait until he meets Jesus.  I have a saying that I work hard to live by, it goes like this, "Worry is for those that don't have enough Faith."  Worry in so many words can be translated into, "Why?" - Mark Elms


Just a note to say that I really appreciated the Antron Brown article regarding his highs and lows.  He is a great person and this article shows why, because of his Faith. - Dave Kanofsky


I am pleased you folks published this story.  It is refreshing to know that high profile personalities from a sport are grounded spiritually and humble enough to talk openly about their faith in God.

Right know our country is needing citizens of great faith and Antron can help others through his experience, coupled with the candor to talk about it. - John Wilson


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