Love the article. As you can see I am in the U.S. Coast Guard, and married and a couple of kids. I graduated high school in 96 and continued education at a local community college. Their I found a huge interest in automobiles, and decided to go into the mechanic field. I studied the light duty cars and the diminishing art of  machining an engine. After that I got lucky and worked with a gentleman that taught me a lot (Brent Frazier). The job was great, but did not make much money at it. I found my wife and decided that I needed a way to support a family, and joined the Coast Guard. I have been in for five years and missing the racing seen more and more with every passing day.

I agree with you that something needs to be done to cut the cost of racing. I believe that the import drag racing came from a low budget place and not has also put a lot of people out of the competition, because of the cost. I have never been involved in the import drag racing, but have start to watch it more and more the last year and a half. The idea of making a create engine class would be great. It would show the driver and tuner not the bank account.

Any advise for someone that has been on the sidelines for a while and looking to get back in soon. I did learn, while working with Mr. Frazier, that it is a small group of people that make the professional drag racing.

Thanks for the great web site. Gives me a release for when away form the States. - MPearsal