I enjoyed your article about the demise of the Southern California drag strips.  So much history up in smoke.  It is a real shame, but we are losing drag strips everywhere.  Which is precisely why I write you.  I live in the Pittsburgh, PA area and we have a great facility called Pittsburgh Raceway Park (PRP).  The track, formerly known as Keystone Raceway, was purchased and renovated several years ago.  It is a top notch track with aspirations of possibly hosting a national event someday.  However, Quaker City Raceway, in Salem, OH, is currently for sale (roughly 1-1/2 hour tow from Pittsburgh).  Rumor has it a developer is trying to purchase the property to build an industrial park.  Note, I started that sentence with the word rumor.  There is always chatter in the lanes between rounds.  I don’t know if Quaker closing is good or bad for our track, PRP.  The car counts would probably go up.  The track will make more money.  Which should help their return on investment.  But, what happens if they too, are made an offer for the land?  Most tracks, Columbus and Norwalk, are at least three ours tow for most of us.  Our car count is down from last year and most of us believe it’s due to fuel costs.  I don’t race that often at Quaker City, but I’m pulling for their survival.  If you’re ever in the Pittsburgh area, drop by to see us at PRP - Joe