01_22_2011_oildownsAs a spectator I find that sometimes they take too long. But I think it would be too much of a hardship on the lower budget teams much less the loss of points. They have enough problems getting to the races as is and paying to run. Back off for a couple more years and hope the sponsors come back. it’s part of racing and the show! – Kevin

Talk is cheap. Mr. Beard's arrogance gags me. If catastrophic is going to happen, there is no fine or penalty going to prevent it. Capps hit the nail on the head when talking about drivers being smarter. When bracket racing I witnessed many times a breakage or loss of traction in one lane and the driver in the other lane never bothers to look over, keeps foot in throttle, and breaks out. Gotta be smarter is a great idea. I do hope the nitro applications do not have to pay the same fines. As for the death penalty and speeding, oh well, consider the shallowness of the source. Not a good analogy. Would love to be a driver's assistant, to help them and keep them focused, keep them apprised of the situation, and with all the head sets, maybe yell real loud, LIFT, when necessary. –Mark Elms

The new rules will minimize the oil downs, but not in the way they expect.  The low dollar teams will stop showing up, as they cannot replace the parts like the DSR and Force teams can.  As a result of not replacing parts (which are now very expensive), oil downs occur.  These rules will only further reduce car counts.  If NHRA really wanted to stop the oil downs without losing cars, they would limit the racers to one block and one set of heads for the weekend or even longer.  That would level the "big teams" with the "little teams".  And drag racing would be back to being affordable again ... well, at least somewhat affordable. - Garry Freeman Jr.

I believe that oil downs are part of drag racing.  Is it fun to watch clean up? No.  If you went to a NASCAR race do they not have cautions?  Are they fun to watch?  No. But they are a part of racing.  In regard to the fines, I feel that it is like gambling.  No one knows when their stuff is going to expire. If I could control it I would, just like anyone else.  The thing is that we can’t.  To issue a fine based on this is ludicrous, but that is NHRA. - Steve Schmidt

I don’t think the turnaround time should be enforced.  Me and my family drive three and a half hours to get to Topeka and if I drive that far I don’t mind spending all day there.  The way I see it is that they closed Gateway down and we used to go to both events but that is the only time that me and my daughters can go to the pits and meet the drivers and another ten minutes in between rounds isn't going to get you home that much quicker. - Zach Rhoads

I thought 1,000 feet racing was going to stop all these explosions and oildowns, it’s all a joke, NHRA keep changing things like NASCAR, and the crowds will get smaller and smaller. My days of going to NHRA events are over. - Dennis Lowder 


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