01_22_2011_irsI have been involved in drag racing since the 50's.

I have watched a very dedicated NHRA turn into a bunch of money grabbing profiteers.


We will all adjust to whatever comes next. - Rudy Tomsich

With today’s economy the way it is, global warming activists with fists in air, China dominating the worlds' economy, liberal voices being thrown about, electric cars and mass transit being foisted upon us by a liberal administration, increased fuel economy goals and decreased emissions, less fun, less income, increased regulations … can’t we just enjoy the NHRA countdown and nitro fumes? - Mike Zelinko

I have not for a very long time felt compelled to give feedback, until now. I live near the "Belagio" in Charlotte and have to say that in my honest opinion that the NHRA and the "Smiths" of the world do not want the Sportsman racers at their events any longer. The car count at the fall Charlotte race in the Sportsman categories was ridiculous.

My son and myself did not get there till Saturday and I think there may have been 60 Sportsman cars on the property. The NHRA (and the remains of IHRA for that matter) provide no real value at the
National level for the Sportsman racer, and the reality is they do not want to, the PRO association wishes they would just go away, at least that is the way it seems( I find my own validation in this statement from the treatment the PST competitors recieved)to those of us on the outside looking in. They should just call it what it is, and we as the "little guys" should start our own deal. I feel it speaks volumes when the Charlotte "Pinks" draws more cars and spectators than the "Big Show"...NHRA+"Smiths"= For Profit Business, pretty simple equation. - Gordon Moore

In my opinion, long overdue!! - Fred Fischbach

Well this doesn't really open any new can of worms because if you have been paying any attention since Dallas was in charge the NHRA has been on a mission to maximize operating capital [profits to a regular business].  They have even stated this.

Two things stand out.   

First is the membership deal.  We are not members in anything.  We have absolutely no powers of normal membership at all.  So membership is a sham.

Secondly in these tough times financially the compensation to the top people is controlled by these very same people! "Members" have no say. Nice setup.

What I care about is that NHRA gets back to its roots and spends all it's time promoting drag racing, keeping people safe as in the early years, keeping the cost of racing affordable and not spend all its energies trying to raise even more money for this NOT for Profit business. - Jim Burke

First and foremost, a big "Attaboy" to Bobby and CompetitionPlus for providing a REAL investigative article.

Second. While for years many (including myself) have questioned how the NHRA has conducted the business side of organized drag racing, the rule of unintended consequences may very well apply if the IRS conducts a complete investigation.

Which would be very unfortunate. - Bill Swanson


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