11-4-10michaelknightGreat article, I agree with you about Mike Dunn and with him on Force at Indy. I was there racing in Super Gas, and in the stands when it happened. The only way Force could have been more obvious was to have staged his car backwards. - Wes Breiten

Awesome interview. We need more of these types of interviews.  Very insightful Mike Dunn thoughts on the John Force "throw down" at the U.S. Nationals; he truly has the stones to tell it like it is. Also, I hope the NHRA is paying attention when Mike remarks that at about "600-800 feet, if something is going wrong, and you can't control your vehicle, maybe you shouldn't be driving".

Amen, brother".  Let's not sissify the sport with an overkill on safety devices.

I am all for safety, but not at the expense of at least some driver skill entering into the picture. - Mike Zelinko

I agree with your comments - Mike Dunn is the best motorsports announcer out there.  He has a feel for drivers, and he knows more about the total vehicle than most current drivers do.  He's an all - around racer, and he's reasonably articulate.
Paul Page, on the other hand, is an idiot!  I still don't know why the watching public (who determine the TV ratings) has to suffer through a guy who can't even pronounce all the racer's names correctly.
If the NHRA brass would get another guy like Mike Dunn to help, perhaps the unwashed might learn more about drag racing and get more interested in watching it on T V.  How about another announcer with a personal connection with Pro Stock, Pro Mod, or Pro Stock bike?  I could go for that. - John Martin

Great article. Mike speaks and acts like the racers that made drag racing interesting, not the talking heads that they`ve become. Let him tell more stories about the good ole days and try to get people interested again before it`s too late! - Randy "CRUSHER" Lewis

I am a huge fan of Mike Dunn.  And he brings a lot to the broadcast booth with Paul Page.

His knowledge (head knowledge and seat knowledge) is an extra asset.  Plus, I love his dry sense of humor.

I can see/hear Big Jim in some of his remarks and actions.

Mike Dunn is the Best! - Sharon Hand

Knight's questioning brought out the best of Mike Dunn. First rate. - Bill Swanson



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