I read with great interest Dale Wilson's latest article that included info on NHRA Div. 1 Top Stock and Jr. Stock . Being the person that introduced it to Div. 1 and also being the Director of both classes , I'd like to correct a few facts that were not stated properly . In part of the article it says :
"Switching gears now, I like an eliminator that also came from the IHRA and is now being contested in NHRA’s Division 1, and that is Top Stock, encompassing A/, B/ and C/Stockers, sticks and automatics. First introduced by Division 1 director Bob Lang and Maple Grove Raceway’s George Case, Top Stock is raced at all “Open” races as well as divisionals, and it allows the top three Stock class racers to go off against each other on a five-tenths Pro tree, with elapsed times very close to each other due to certain weight breaks given to each class car."
The class also allows the A , B and C Fuel Injected cars . It is NOT run at Divisional races.
There are no "certain weight breaks "   The weight break for Top Stock is 8.25 pounds per NHRA Horsepower plus 170 pounds for the driver . -Dave Ley, NHRA Division 1 Tech