EPISODE 3 - The Plans For Project RONNIE! Engine, Chassis, Suspension, Interior, Power Adder, Purpose, etc. In Episode 3, Stevie Fast discloses the long-awaited plans for his beloved Pickup Truck.





EPISODE 2A - Stevie Fast begins the process of Project Ronnie. This Part A of Episode 2 focuses on the struggle of getting a truck moving that hasn't been touched in 25 years. Follow along as Stevie, Jack, Cord, and Nitro drag Ronnie from what was thought to be the trucks final resting place to the emergency room in the shop for repairs.

EPISODE 2B - Stevie Fast disassembles Ronnie to see what we have to work with. Chassis inspection, body inspection, drivetrain removal and we are one step closer to blazing a path. See what we have to do to get Ronnie up and going.


EPISODE 1 - Stevie "Fast" Jackson, one of the most colorful personalities in drag racing, is absolutely entertaining. In this new series from Mr. Speed, you'll go behind the scenes with his Project Truck, that he dubs Project Ronnie. Today, he's seeking assistance in a build path and components.