John Force says he's tired and that his time is up.

But, after seeing the 17-time Funny Car champion (16 in NHRA, 1 - AHRA) pick up career NHRA win No. 157, Force's actions speak louder than words. He outran teammate Austin Prock in the final round. He has two wins on the season and completed a double-up weekend after winning Saturday's Mission 2Fast2Tasty Challenge. 

Doug Kalitta (Top Fuel), Troy Coughlin Jr. (Pro Stock), and Mason Wright (Pro Modified) rounded out Sunday's NHRA New England Nationals champions at New England Dragway in Epping, NH. 

In an all-John Force Racing Funny Car final round, Force was first off the line by .018 and never looked back en route to a 4.081, 319.29 miles per hour to beat Prock's 4.096, 316.38. 

A visibly tired Force admits he drew inspiration from Sunday's second consecutive sellout crowd. 

"I love the crowds. For three days, they packed them in. I came here 40-something years ago, and this place is special," Force said. "We had a good race car, and what keeps me alive is driving this hotrod and all these fans.

"I'm down right now because don't like beating my teammate in the final. He is the future. I love that kid. He's going to be here for a long time, and Robert [Hight] will be coming back. I'm not being dramatic, but my time is up. It was up when I was 65. Hell, it was up when I turned 50. The world is changing for me, and I've got to do some real thinking. I'm not quitting today. I'm going to Bristol, but I just know I'm not what I used to be."

Prock's loss in the finals wasn't a total loss, as he jumped back in the points lead on a day where the No. 1 qualifier scored wins over Mike Smith, Chad Green, and Daniel Wilkerson.

For Kalitta, his Top Fuel career has now come full circle. The 54-time winner completed a clean sweep of all facilities by stopping long-time rival Tony Schumacher in the final round. 

Kalitta overcame a slight Schumacher holeshot and drove around him with a 3.802 elapsed time at 332.92 miles per hour. Schumacher slowed to a 4.307 at only 201.43 miles per hour. 

"Coming in here, my goal was to try and get the win. This is the last place haven't won. I didn't want to put a lot of attention on it, but it's hard not to," Kalitta said. "This was incredible. We've been digging hard, and I was just trying not to screw it up."

"Then, on Saturday, we got set up for our tribute to Scott [Kalitta]. It's great to have an opportunity to have a good meal with a lot of the teams, and I know it means a lot to Connie. He loves this sport. It was a good time to be able to pull off this win. It was super special."

Kalitta entered eliminations as the No. 1 qualifier, his third of the season, and stopped Scott Farley, Tony Stewart, and teammate Shawn Langdon in the semifinals. Kalitta beat Langdon by two-thousandths of a second to advance to the final round against Tony Schumacher. It was their 95th head-to-head matchup and their 19th in a Top Fuel final. 

Schumacher's second final round of the season was also the 159th of his career. He made it there by defeating Brittany Force, Josh Hart, and Clay Millican. Justin Ashley remains the points leader, while Kalitta pulled to within 26 points of the top spot.

Coughlin picked up his first win of the season and the fifth of his Pro Stock career, fending off defending series champion Erica Enders, who is one win shy of 50.  

Coughlin evened his record to 2-2 versus the defending NHRA Pro Stock champion by picking up his career NHRA win No.. 13. He grabbed the lead early and drove to the win with a 6.584, 210.05 to fend off Enders' quicker and faster 6.563, 210.54. Enders remains at 49 career NHRA victories. 

"It was definitely a wonderful day," Coughlin said. "Erica is fast. She hits the tree well, and it's an honor to race her. When I practice every week on a simulator, you're asking nothing more of yourself than you do each week on the track. You're just racing yourself and need to be that way when you're running a champ like Erica.

"In the final, I just tried to crush it and make my best lap. I got there by four thousandths of a second, and here we are."

Coughlin's road to the final round for the first time this season was by defeating Brandon Miller, Aaron Stanfield, and points leader Dallas Glenn. 
Enders, who started the day as the No. 1 seed, reached her 81st career final round thanks to wins against Fernando Cuadra Jr., Deric Kramer, and Jerry Tucker.

Mason Wright drove to his first career NHRA Pro Modified victory, defeating Jordan Lazic in the final round. He ran a 5.733, 254.47, outrunning Lazic's 5.740, 249.72. It was the fourth of 10 races during the 2024 season.

The 2024 NHRA Mission Foods Drag Racing Series returns to action June 7-9 with the 23rd annual Super Grip NHRA Thunder Valley Nationals at Bristol Dragway in Bristol, Tenn.




John Force powered to the win in the Mission #2Fast2Tasty Challenge on Saturday at New England Dragway, claiming the bonus event win in front of a sellout crowd as part of this weekend’s 11th annual NHRA New England Nationals..

Steve Torrence (Top Fuel) and Dallas Glenn (Pro Stock) also won the Mission #2Fast2Tasty Challenge at the seventh of 20 races during the 2024 NHRA Mission Foods Drag Racing Series season.

Force went 4.048-seconds at 320.81 mph in his 11,000-horsepower PEAK Chevrolet Camaro SS to defeat Blake Alexander’s 3.994 at 320.51 on a holeshot in the final round, giving the 16-time world champion his first specialty event win of the season. It’s another impressive moment in what has been a standout season for Force, who is currently third in points. He’ll get a chance for an event win on Sunday and a double-up weekend, looking to continue his strong 2024 campaign.

“I love racing these kids,” Force said. “They make get me out of bed every day. I just know [car owner] Jim Head, he’s tricky and Alexander can drive so I rolled it in deep. I knew I needed to get a few inches on him and evidently it helped me. The numbers look deceiving, but it was a good race. Blake has a big future out here.

“So far, it’s been a good weekend, and it’s nice just to win. Tomorrow is a big day, so let’s go get some more tomorrow. I love being up here. The fans are great.”

Top Fuel’s Steve Torrence rolled to his first win of 2024 in the Mission #2Fast2Tasty Challenge, taking down Dan Mercier in the final round with a run of 3.866 at 327.43 in his 11,000-horsepower Capco Contractors dragster. Mercier went 3.897 at 298.27, but Torrence led wire-to-wire en route to the victory, his fourth career win in the specialty race dating back to last year.

He knocked off Antron Brown earlier in the day, making a pair of solid runs in the 3.80s in the heat. That bodes well tomorrow for the four-time world champion, who is after his third career victory at New England Dragway.

“Our semifinal match-up with Antron Brown in Chicago was a great race and we had the same thing today. We also had a great race in the final with Mercier,” Torrence said. “Those guys have come out and started running well this year. I’m proud to see that. We need more guys like that out here. He’s a super nice guy and it’s an honor to race them in the final.

“Thanks to Mission Foods for all they do. It changes the way you look at qualifying and it adds something. Fans enjoy it when they get to see someone crowned as a champion. Mission is doing a lot of good for our spot and I’m happy to be a part of it.”

In Pro Stock, Dallas Glenn slipped by Aaron Stanfield in the final round of the Mission #2Fast2Tasty Challenge, going 6.545 at 210.80 in his RAD Torque Systems Chevrolet Camaro to get the win over Stanfield’s 6.551 at 210.24. It’s Glenn’s first win in the bonus event this season and second in his career, and he was thrilled with how his car performed on Saturday in the heat. The Pro Stock points leader and former NHRA Rookie of the Year made a pair of strong runs, giving him plenty of momentum for what he hopes is his first career double-up weekend.

“It was a great preparation for tomorrow,” Glenn said. “I’m trying to stay a little more relaxed and it’s definitely helped. These are hard to come by. I don’t tend to do very well in bonus races, but we were able to get it done. We’ve got a great hot rod in the heat and it’s going to be warm tomorrow, so I feel like we’ve got something for them. We did a fantastic job today and I’ve got a good hot rod for tomorrow. 

“I’m very happy with my Saturday. We got bonus points on both runs and I had two good races. We should have similar conditions for tomorrow so feel good that we can compete with anyone out there.”

Eliminations for the NHRA New England Nationals begin at 11 a.m. ET on Sunday at New England Dragway.




From the onset of Funny Car qualifying, John Force staked its claim at the top of the Funny Car leaderboard. First, the boss, John Force, and then the freshman flopper phenom Austin Prock, made things right with his crew after apologizing for a mistake on the first run. 

Prock was joined as a provisional leader by defending NHRA champions Doug Kalitta (Top Fuel) and Erica Enders (Pro Stock).

It’s too bad Prock has already used up his Rookie of the Year status on a lesser Top Fuel season than he’s experiencing in the first season of driving a Funny Car. 

Prock went to the top in the second session with a 3.837 elapsed time at 336.23 miles per hour. 

Prock, who stands second in points, can claim his fifth No. 1 qualifier in the season’s first seven races. 

“It’s surreal just holding on to the wheel,” Prock said. “Kudos to my dad [Jimmy] and brother [Thomas]. They’re making really smart decisions, and it’s really impressive watching them work. They’ve been in the right spot at right time and we’re getting the job done. 

“I got a little John Force in me. I never know where I’m at. On the first run, I didn’t have it staged shallow, and it cost me the top spot. I had to walk back to the trailer with my tail between legs. It was so bad my dad could see it. As soon as I crossed the finish line, I apologized on the radio, but on the second run, they bailed me out with a 3.83 with a really good mph.”

Force finished the day second with a run of 3.865 at 333.16, and J.R. Todd is in third after the first two qualifying sessions, going 3.865 at 327.74.

Kalitta appears to be set on defending his Top Fuel title and, with a 3.700 elapsed time at 332.84 mph alongside Steve Torrence, who was second, Torrence took the second spot with a strong 3.702 at 335.23. If the run holds, it will be his third No. 1 qualifier of the season and 56th in his career. New England Dragway is also the only track on the NHRA tour where Kalitta hasn’t won.

“I was really confident and real hopeful,” Kalitta said. “The car left good and smooth and really happy once I figured we got the quick time. This track is on my radar [as the last one] to get to a final and finally get a win. 

“This is last on the list, and the history here is incredible, and the area around this place is fantastic. Hats off to Alan Johnson, Mac Savage, and all the guys working on this thing. The Toyota guys have been helping us with the track, and I can’t thank them enough. All our cars ran well that session.”

Brittany Force, who did not qualify at the most recent event in Chicago, jumped to third with a 3.715 at a track-record 335.57.

Enders, who has won twice at New England Dragway, put herself in a good position for a third by running 6.488 seconds at 211.79 miles per hour. If it holds, Enders would pick up her third top spot of 2024, as Enders was the only driver to reach the 6.40s on Friday. Enders is still searching for her 50th career national event victory, which she’s been chasing for a handful of events. 

“Well, my guys have really been studying up and have been working hard this past week and put their heads together,” Enders said. “We’re running our race car just a little bit differently. Earlier in that session, the starting line wasn’t there, but the air was. We thought we could go .49, then with the sundown and cooler track temps, we thought we could get after it a little bit more, and we threw a .48 on the board. I love racing up here in Epping, and I’m just really grateful and having fun again.

“When I let go of clutch the wheels were up and that makes you think you’re on a run. Then you’ve just got to keep it in groove and hit all your shifts, and I was able to do that. I could tell it was good when my guys were excited on the radio.”

Troy Coughlin Jr. is currently second thanks to a 6.510, 211.46, while points leader Dallas Glenn is third after going 6.529, 210.57.

Qualifying continues at 12 p.m. on Saturday at the NHRA New England Nationals at New England Dragway.

Friday's results after the first two of four rounds of qualifying for the 11th annual NHRA New England Nationals at New England Dragway, seventh of 20 events in the NHRA Mission Foods Drag Racing Series. Qualifying will continue Saturday for Sunday's final eliminations.

Top Fuel -- 1. Doug Kalitta, 3.700 seconds, 332.84 mph; 2. Steve Torrence, 3.702, 335.23; 3. Brittany Force, 3.715, 335.57; 4. Shawn Langdon, 3.722, 330.23; 5. Billy Torrence, 3.744, 332.43; 6. Justin Ashley, 3.754, 328.22; 7. Clay Millican, 3.759, 332.43; 8. Tony Stewart, 3.762, 323.12; 9. Antron Brown, 3.766, 330.80; 10. Dan Mercier, 3.777, 328.38; 11. Josh Hart, 3.795, 327.98; 12. Jasmine Salinas, 3.812, 320.20; 13. Shawn Reed, 3.820, 324.20; 14. Smax Smith, 5.286, 127.45; 15. Tony Schumacher, 5.679, 114.41.

Funny Car -- 1. Austin Prock, Chevy Camaro, 3.837, 336.23; 2. John Force, Camaro, 3.865, 333.16; 3. J.R. Todd, Toyota GR Supra, 3.865, 327.74; 4. Daniel Wilkerson, Ford Mustang, 3.899, 329.91; 5. Matt Hagan, Dodge Charger, 3.910, 322.96; 6. Bob Tasca III, Mustang, 3.923, 333.41; 7. Blake Alexander, Mustang, 3.945, 319.22; 8. Alexis DeJoria, GR Supra, 3.956, 325.53; 9. Terry Haddock, Mustang, 3.958, 315.64; 10. Cruz Pedregon, Charger, 3.965, 323.27; 11. Chad Green, Mustang, 3.990, 322.11; 12. Dave Richards, Toyota Camry, 5.567, 135.85; 13. Ron Capps, GR Supra, 6.288, 114.94; 14. Buddy Hull,
Charger, 7.443, 89.82; 15. Cory Lee, Mustang, 7.628, 83.56.

Pro Stock -- 1. Erica Enders, Chevy Camaro, 6.488, 211.79; 2. Troy Coughlin Jr., Camaro, 6.510, 211.46; 3. Dallas Glenn, Camaro, 6.529, 210.57; 4. Matt Hartford, Camaro, 6.530, 211.59; 5. Jerry Tucker, Camaro, 6.530, 210.28; 6. Kenny Delco, Camaro, 6.534, 210.67; 7. Eric Latino, Camaro, 6.540, 210.93; 8. Deric Kramer, Camaro, 6.541, 209.92; 9. Aaron Stanfield, Camaro, 6.543, 209.82; 10. Jeg Coughlin, Camaro, 6.546, 209.95; 11. Mason McGaha, Camaro, 6.549, 210.77; 12. Chris McGaha, Camaro, 6.558, 209.30; 13. Greg Anderson, Camaro, 6.564, 210.64; 14. Brandon Foster, Camaro, 6.582, 209.82; 15. Brandon Miller, Dodge Dart, 6.606, 208.39; 16. Fernando Cuadra Jr., Camaro, 6.962, 160.48. 
Not Qualified: 17. Val Smeland, 7.758, 130.32.



1 1547  FSS/F Jack Matyas, Bethlehem PA, '15 Camaro      9.111 10.20  -1.089
  2 1759  FSS/C Anthony Bongiovanni, Parsippany NJ, '14 M  8.670  9.65  -0.980
  3 1164  SS/DA Bruce Riley, Lake Echo NS, '71 Chevelle    9.247 10.20  -0.953
  4 1318  SS/FA Joe Hertline, Mercy NY, '67 Camaro         9.559 10.45  -0.891
  5 1394  GT/FA Louis Gill, Quebec PQ, '92 Cavalier        9.370 10.25  -0.880
  6  175  FSS/C Michele Bongiovanni, Hopatcong NJ, '08 Mu  8.819  9.65  -0.831
  7 173L  FSS/E Philip Lankford, Langhorne PA, '14 Camaro  9.220 10.05  -0.830
  8 1224  GT/IA Jacques Blais, Tolland CT, '98 Mustang     9.825 10.65  -0.825
  9 1883  GT/TD Eric Merryfield, Andover MA, '96 Dakota   10.477 11.30  -0.823
 10 1140  GT/IA Tom Boucher, Byfield MA, '87 Camaro        9.841 10.65  -0.809



1 1308   E/SA Ralph Porpora, Washingtonville NY, '69 Ca 10.581 11.70  -1.119
  2 2586   V/SA McNeal Freeman, Coyers GA, '87 Caprice    14.447 15.50  -1.053
  3 1152    B/S Ed Bednaz, Terryville CT, '70 Nova        10.186 11.20  -1.014
  4 1617   H/SA Gary Parker, Westfield MA, '77 Corvette   11.150 12.15  -1.000
  5 1074   FS/D Steve Smyth, Uxbridge MA, '09 Challenger   9.606 10.60  -0.994
  6 1394   FS/G Louis Gill, Quebec PQ, '12 Mustang        10.366 11.35  -0.984
  7 1179   FS/C Bob Letellier, Biddeford ME, '14 Camaro    9.319 10.30  -0.981
  8 1759   FS/A Anthony Bongiovanni, Parsippany NJ, '10 M  8.722  9.70  -0.978
  9 1047   G/SA Kenny Richard, Vernon CT, '83 Camaro      11.023 12.00  -0.977
 10 1518    A/S Bob Broadbent, Hampton NH, '69 Camaro      9.979 10.95  -0.971



1   13 David Crafts, Lisbon Falls ME, '63 Corvette     6.462  214.83  214.83
  2 151C Dan Christopher, Raymond NH, '09 Cobalt         6.629  207.15  207.15
  3 109H Nick Meloni, Brentwood NH, '69 Camaro           6.701  201.34  201.49
  4 L196 Nick Ladyga, Lisbon CT, '08 GTO                 6.774  202.48  202.48
  5  163 Don Preece, Meriden CT, '68 Camaro              6.836  201.67  201.97
  6   15 Gerald Milette, St. Etienne PQ, '63 Corvette    6.866  202.30  202.30
  7   18 Doug Bussa, Glastonbur CT, '02 Camero           6.885  201.07  201.07
  8  130 Michel Bastien, Sre-Anne-Des-Plaines PQ, '93 D  7.017  197.54  198.76
  9 110X Nick Willard, Leominster MA, '10 GXP            7.139  193.99  193.99
 10 2231 Frank Altilio, Longwood FL, '01 S-10            7.265  186.74  186.74



1 119K Freddie Perkins, Higganum CT, Dragster-Chevy    6.114  218.55  218.55
  2   10 Alan Kenny, Jupiter FL, Dan Page-Stin           6.159  206.32  206.32
  3   16 Ken Moses, Colonia NJ, American-JAPE            6.364  211.69  211.76
  4 1124 Doug Forbes, Douglas NB, Dragster-Chevy         6.433  213.57  213.57
  5    1 Vince Musolino, Bridgeport NY, Racetech-Chevy   6.481  207.78  207.78
  6 119E Paul Neal, Everett MA, Dragster-Mart            6.530  203.00  203.00
  7 109H Nick Meloni, Brentwood NH, Dan Page-Chevy       6.695  197.68  197.68
  8  190 Becki Miller, Canterbury CT, Dan Page-Chevy     6.720  196.64  196.87
  9  147 Jessica Eastburn, Newark DE, Undercover-Chevy   6.769  200.74  200.74
 10 1257 David Anthony, Mt. Pearl NL, Dragster-Chevy     6.771  202.15  202.15