Drag racing is a goal-oriented sport. However, for Top Fuel Harley-Davidson rider Rich Vreeland, what he achieved aboard his nitro-burner in 2020 while racing the All Harley Davidson Drag Racing Association [AHDRA] went well beyond what he expected.

“When I got my first AHDRA license in 1992, I never dreamed I would be Top Fuel champion 28 years later,” Vreeland admitted.

Back then, Vreeland and his brother Ray had just opened Vreeland’s Harley-Davidson in 1990 as the youngest dealers ever for the brand.

Vreeland admittedly didn’t have Top Fuel Harley racing on his radar, let alone dreams of a championship 28 years later. What he did have was a successful AMRA Nitro Funnybike program, which he rode to two championships in the meantime.

When Bill Rowe relaunched the AHDRA for the 2020 season, Vreeland was quick to jump on board as both racer and sponsor.

He bookended this first new-AHDRA season, winning the Cordova opener and then again at the finals in Gainesville.

While Vreeland has always had his brother Ray’s help when it comes to running the Bloomsburg dealership, 2020 was the first season with Ray as full-time crew chief on the race team.

Clearly, the results were there. Vreeland’s steady A-B performances qualified no worse than third and made it to the semis at every race he attended. He won two races and was undefeated in final round appearances.

“I’m honored to be the inaugural Top Fuel champion under the new AHDRA ownership of Bill Rowe,” said Vreeland. “I am humbled to have my name added to the list of AHDRA Top Fuel champions like Ray Price, Jim McClure, Jay Turner, and Tommy Grimes.”

Vreeland was runner-up for the 2010 and 2012 V-Rod championships in the “old” AHDRA and was the 2011 Pro Rookie of the year while competing in Pro Fuel/Pro Dragster.

“It’s been a long haul since that 1992 license for sure, and I’m not sure that younger, slimmer Vreeland ever seriously dreamed of being Top Fuel champion. But it’s a great feeling, a great accomplishment for my team, and a great responsibility heading into the new year.”

It’s not just motorcycles that gets Vreeland’s heart racing. He also serves as chaplain at all-Harley drag races all over the country and is an accomplished Christian motivational speaker.

In addition to AHDRA, Vreeland and his team also run the high-exposure, nationally televised, internationally followed, NHRA Camping World series. So if big exposure, a piece of the action, and an extraordinarily positive and successful representative are important to your brand, then Vreeland and his Top Fuel Harley are the vehicle you’ve been looking for.

“I just what to thank my girlfriend and my team for giving me a consistent bike all year; I also want to thank all my sponsors—especially Advanced Sleeve and Worldwide Bearings. But also Christ in Action, CP-Carrillo, Sam the Spark Plug Man, Just Batteries, and Vreeland’s Harley-Davidson.”