The coronavirus pandemic has devastated the job market. Some businesses are able to operate during this national emergency, if they are considered essential, while others are completely shut down. 

Burnyzz’s Speed Shop in Ocala, Florida is not operating during this pandemic. Brittanie and Josh Hart, the owners of the business, have seen the damage that this virus has caused on the economy, as they have had friends laid off or reduced hours at their respective jobs. 

They did not want that to happen to their teammates at their businesses. Instead of having to lay people off or reduce their hours at Burnyzz’s Speed Shop or Joshua Hart Fearless Racing, the Bob Vandergriff Racing Top Fuel licensed pilot has done the unthinkable with his wife to take a financial hit themselves.

For the duration of the pandemic, the Hart’s will not make a single penny. Yet, they are paying their team members their entire salary over this time. 

“It was an immediate decision,” Hart said. “It’s very crystal clear how valuable the team is to us, both racing and Burnyzz. The main reaction was immediate gratefulness. We also offered to help them with anything they were in search of, whether it be toilet paper, or even groceries. We told them that we were going to pay them for the duration no matter how long this will last.” 

In total, 50 people have been impacted by the Hart’s generosity. Burnyzz’s Speed Shop shut down in the middle of March.

“We actually own a whole city block,” Hart said. “We own about a 100,000 square foot with buildings that we own and operate out of. We have an interior shop, a fabrication shop, a wiring and detailing shop, window tinting shop, then obviously the service center and show room.”

While many may think that the Hart’s will receive support from their families – especially after adopting a baby girl in December 2019 – that is not the case.  

“Brittanie and I actually started Burnyzz’s with $300 bucks,” he said. “With have no financial investors and no financial partners. And sure, no family members have anything to do with the place. We’re fending for ourselves just like everybody else.”