Mike Salinas, despite missing three races – Atlanta, Topeka, Kan., and Epping, N.H. – is still sixth in the points standings. He has two wins this season at Las Vegas and Bristol, Tenn.

“Our deal is one round at a time and go up there and we will find out at the end. We’re not thinking too far ahead of ourselves,” Salinas said. “We are not missing any more races this season. We put our systems in place so we could be gone. This season has been a dream come true. I have been stalking Alan (Johnson) for 15 years and he didn’t know it.”

Salinas may not be looking ahead in the sense of championship points, but he is in terms of future endeavors. He's acknowledged planning on obtaining a Pro Stock Motorcycle license so he can race against his daughter, Jianna Salinas.

“I’m going to get a Pro Stock Motorcycle license and I hope to start things going by Las Vegas (Oct. 31-Nov. 3),” Salinas explained. “I would like to compete against her. Once I get my license I will decide what we will do next. I have always messed around with motorcycles and this is just something else to do.”