Mike Hepp Racing for Recovery Inc. announced today that Mike Hepp will unveil a Top Alcohol Dragster program for the 2020 season. Hepp will transition from his Super Comp program in the Division 1 Northeast Division.
The Road to Recovery team has been helping people across the county with addiction since it began in 2012. The team has now partnered with Tom Pickett and his ‘Wicked Picket’ Top Alcohol Dragster. Pickett had lengthy talks with Hepp and Glenn Moore during the 2019 season that led to this partnership.
For the 2020 season, the Pickett team will merge with the Road to Recovery team to form the new Top Alcohol Dragster team.
“Things happen for a reason,” Hepp said. “We met Tom and his crew about a year ago, just stopping by his pit area and shooting the breeze, never thinking we would partner on a project together. They were a great bunch of guys, having fun, and we hit it off from the day we met. Tom was a little short-handed in Epping [New Hampshire at New England Dragway] this season, struggling with some engine issues and Glenn and I pitched in to give them a hand.
“It wasn’t too long after that, we talked about the possibility of blending the two teams to help each other out. The journey in my recovery never stops amazing me. When Tom decided to allow me to drive his car, I was absolutely blown away. One of my goals in my racing career was to move to the Top Alcohol Dragster class with no idea how that would even come about. And here another door opens without notice. God is good!”
Hepp is showing that anyone, who is battling addiction, whether it be with drugs or alcohol, can overcome it. He is showing that the sky is the limit once you get sober.
“Once again, I am reminded that amazing things can happen in recovery -- from being homeless, struggling with alcohol and drugs to living my dream,” Hepp said. “I can’t explain it, but I do want to share it with as many people as possible, especially with those who are struggling with addiction, that the sky is the limit if you ask for help. That you can have a life beyond your wildest dreams if you seek recovery. That this team will be here for anyone, who decides they want to turn their life around. They need to stop by our pit area or contact us on the website.”
Hepp plans on getting his license in the Top Alcohol Dragster in February at the Orlando Speed World Dragway in Orlando, Florida. Once he gets his license, Moore and Picket will tune the Top Alcohol Dragster, while Hepp will pilot the machine.




The team plans to run a full schedule in 2020 season. The program will be unveiled at the 51st annual Amalie Motor Oil NHRA Gatornationals at Gainesville Raceway in Gainesville, Florida.
“I am looking forward to the challenge,” Hepp said. “Driving a blown Alcohol Dragster or Funny Car is not easy. The fact is they are the hardest cars to drive in the series. It is a huge step up for sure, going from Super Comp to this is going to be a handful for sure. Piloting a blown 4,000 horsepower Dragster will get your attention. Things can get ugly quick. Knowing Glenn is in the mix to buckle me in and take care of all the last-minute preparations keeps me at peace. I feel confident in Tommy’s guidance, as well, so that being said, it’s a matter of overcoming the fear, asking God for strength and direction, saying my prayers and as a good friend told me, ‘Be a machine.’ The rest will come.”
Hepp will be joining a Top Alcohol Dragster class that is considered the best top-to-bottom in the country in the Northeast Division. He will join a group that includes Troy Coughlin Jr., Josh Hart -- who plans to run a limited Top Alcohol Dragster schedule with eight Top Fuel national events with Bob Vandergriff Racing in 2020 -- Jackie Fricke, Duane Shields, among others.
“We’re looking forward to mixing it up with all the great drivers in this class,” Hepp said. “Just having a hard time believing this is actually happening. Glenn and I talked about it the other night. Two guys, who grew up together in Northeast Philadelphia on Ferndale Street, separated for over 25 years, reunited after near-death experiences, struggling with addiction and alcoholism, get together and pull this off is unreal.
“Our goal is to share that story with everyone of the fans and racers, along the way, to show others that anything is possible if you ask for help, and that anyone can recover from this disease. You can overcome it to live a life free of the bondage of self. God’s grace and love is amazing.”
If you know someone struggling with addiction and needs help, you can go to the Mike Hepp Racing 4 Recovery website (www.mikeheppracing4recovery.com)