Either way I miss having you around ruffling people’s feathers. Hope you get a ride in 2009. - Bry Schmidt, Fresno CA




12-18bazemore.jpgAs much as I dislike Whit, he makes some extremely good points. My dad mentioned to me that he had read this article and that I should, even though I dislike him. I thought about it for several days then just did it. Whit makes fantastic points about the sport basically shooting itself in its own foot: why would you ever deny a sponsor in times like these? This morning i counted 7 fuel guys and I think 9 Funny Car guys that actually have a full time ride. Shouldn’t NHRA be seriously thinking about this? You can’t even fill a field for an event? The points he made about the Scott Kalitta tragedy was right on in my opinion also.

PRO could actually be focused better also, that makes a bunch of sense but they are choosing a different route. Whit actually makes sense this time and I think this was a great article which needs to be consumed by the higher ups at NHRA and PRO and really taken to heart. - Angie Crosby

Baze - I wish we could hear from you more often. Perhaps ESPN has a spot for you? Your idea on combing qualifying times - I suggested that on the mater a long time ago. I compared it to the Indy 500 average of 4 laps. It's a great idea and I'd love to see it. Keep talking man, we're listening. - Bob Cole



Either way I miss having you around ruffling people’s feathers. Hope you get a ride in 2009. - Bry Schmidt, Fresno CA




Now those scoreboards and poles are 320 feet into the shutdown area; a disaster waiting to happen. – Dave Wallace

Whit is dead on with a zero on all counts. I'm in total agreement, because the NHRA has become a sport where you pay your entry fees, race and keep your mouth shut if you're gonna talk negatively about NHRA for the most part. After all, one has to look no further than the rulebook in recent years to see the changes that have been made. Drag racing is a privilege? Give me a break. - Steven Blowers

I think Whit was right on in most everything he had to say. I agree the "national" events of too vanilla. In addition to what Whit said, here's something I think would help:

At each event, have something nostalgic, make exhibition runs. For instance have just one of the following - jet dragsters, wheel standers, sling shot dragsters, nitro bikes, etc.

When I first went to the drag races (25years ago), it seems they always had fun stuff like this. I have gone to the nationals at Brainerd for the last 23 years straight and quite honestly, they are always the same. They need to mix it up a little. Maybe it should or is the tracks responsibility to get the exhibition entertainment.
One more thing - ESPN-2 does a great job, but they need to improve the sound. I have "surround sound" and the sound still doesn't come through.

This would be a huge improvement to their telecasts. - Greg Tobias

As you have written in the past, like him/loath him, agree or disagree, Whit makes a very good case.  Let's face it!  The man has been driving for a while.  Whit, keep on being the voice of reason.  We need to hear from you. - Sharon Hand

Applause to Whit! As an avid purist drag racing fan for over 40 years Whit has always had my respect as a driver. He is one of the best to ever drive a Funny Car. Thank you for your outspokenness and passion for the sport while you were behind the wheel and now as a spectator. You are sorely missed and unfortunately I will now be joining you in front of the tv instead of at the race track because NHRA does more to destroy not promote the sport. And Whit, don't waste the time or money going to a race 1,000 feet is a huge disappointment to any educated fan and I can only imagine for a driver of your caliber what a joke and slap in the face it would be. - Kellye Stanley

Great story and Editorials like this are a must on a more regular basis. There are some real good points that Whit made and if everyone would take a minute who reads this think on it an maybe change would benefit us all RACE FANS, RACERS AND NHRA as a group. Thanks for the story - Marty Reger

Whether you love or hate Whit. Whit is missed!
If we had him, Bob V., and other outspoken people in this sport say what they need to day, the sport would improve.

Big Daddy tried to fight NHRA for years, and he was pretty much black balled.

These NHRA guys need to realize, they love the sport so much, that they are trying to help, not bring the sport down! - Gareth Goetz

We need you back Baze! Nuff said. - Darrell Allison

I really agree with everything Whit said. I was out of drag racing altogether for several years and when I became interested again I actually had trouble finding racing. If I hadn't known about the NHRA it really would have been a shot in the dark. Drag Racing is truly a niche sport but many, if not most of the people involved in it seem to forget that. Last Spring I took two friends, both car guys to their first drag race. It was the NHRA National race at Baytown. Of all the Top Fuel Dragsters that ran the 1st qualifying session on Saturday only about six didn't smoke the tires and shut off. My friends both thought the cars were cool but nothing to get excited about. By mid-afternoon they'd both had enough and we left. The experience reminded me that Drag Racing is truly one of the sports that you get and you like it or you don't and most people don't. Someone needs to tell that to the NHRA/IHRA management. - Thom Mead


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