If you are going to write and complain about Seattle's racing surface, I work on a well known TAFC ... car track was fine for us, why don't you write and complain about the pits at Indy which NHRA owns and they don't do anything about. - Rick Gratzer

It was disappointing to read the results during the race.  Complete and total professionals were blowing the tires off their cars.  It seems that 'got to 300 feet before breaking loose' was the norm not the exception.  There is no excuse for not having a raceable surface.  The press box or lack of it is also inexcusable.  Maybe going a little further north into British Columbia might be considered. - Dave Mathers

I can't believe there is all the bickering about the race track at Kent's Pacific Raceways. I was there opening day in 1959. I am an NHRA Hall of Famer also. When the three partners that opened the track wouldn't give the racers any money for Little Eliminator or Middle Eliminator or Top Eliminator. We just pulled our cars into the spectator area refused to run it only took about two times of this and they decided to pay us 25, 50, and 75 in that order. If Kent doesn't want to come around, how about looking into Spokane race track. Let's quit playing games and get this done. - Byron Parmenter

I had long suspected that there was more to this story than what had previously been put out by press release & apologists for track management.

Thank you Susan Wade and CompetitionPlus for cutting through their misinformation campaign. - Bill Swanson

Thank you for your story on Pacific Raceways. Finally someone has the guts to tell it like it is. I raced at Pacific (or S.I.R.) for ten years until I was expelled for telling the track manager and Jason Fiorito that they were not doing their jobs. Not once did I get a schedule in the mail, even though I was one of the top ten drivers in the most popular bracket. I was forced to ask the employees when the next race was scheduled to open,and even then I would show up hours early or late because the employees didn't know when they were supposed to be at work! Many times I was penalized by being forced to wait in the staging lanes while other racers went around me for two more practice runs before the race started. Bogus! Then they started the infamous "blue line". Since the track faces into the setting sun and they only drag race in the evenings (road course racing is more important to Jason Fiorito) they would stop racing at sunset and wait till you could see the Christmas tree. The problem is that they won't allow racers to change their dial-ins while they wait for up to 25 minutes. As the sun went down, the air would cool and cars would break out by a country mile (like mine, which was dialed-in to the hundredth of a second).This was the last straw for me, and when I complained about it and asked if I could change my dial-in I was rudely told "like it or get the hell out".

It has been five years since I raced at Pacific Raceways, and I don't know if I will ever go back. The half-finished fat-tire car in my garage is a constant reminder of how much I dislike the Fiorito family for being such jerks. I sincerely hope your article has more influence than my own suggestions. Again, thank you for your honesty and your service to our racing community. - Jon Norman

 Your correct on every count. Seattle needs to wake up and fix the place. This is the closest race I can get to and to pay the kind of money they want to be at a shabby track is ludicrous. I quit going because of the costs and looking at the attendance, or lack there of, I'm not the only one to feel this way. I'm just afraid they'll fix up the place and pass along the costs to the fans. I live in Portland, Oregon and I remember the 32 funnies and the Fox hunt. I wish they could come back here. Portland should somehow seize the opportunity that Seattle doesn't seem to care about. - Kevin Azar

Right on sister!  My wife and I have been to Pomona and the Strip at Las Vegas the facilities at Pacific Raceways are an embarrassment. From the bumpy grass parking lot to the dirty dusty gravel areas. This place is Podunk! We have shown are support by contacting Council Members but reading your article sounds like that is not the problem. It seems lack of integrity on the part of the owners. NHRA should hold them accountable for the safety of all involved. - Bradley J Henwood

I totally agree with this article. I'm a pro bracket racer here and it's been tough. I have a 4000lb 9 second racecar that shouldn't have traction problems. The way they prep the track here is outright dangerous. A few weeks before the nationals after almost hitting the timing equipment for the second time, I loaded the car up and went home. I rely on the track and its employees to provide myself and fellow racers a safe place to race, but now what do I do. They prep the starting line with a garden sprayer in a 2'x2' square, really? I've heard rumors of running out of money, cutting traction compound etc..but ultimately they are skiming on safety. Hopefully something will happen...a miracle? - Gordon Burrell

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