Thanks to the forward thinking of former Funny Car racer Ron Colson this video exists.

Colson's Colson Communications was responsible for shooting and producing this video, which back in the day was cutting edge for a drag racing presentation. NHRA Drag Racing was syndicated, and while we are uncertain if this appeared on any television station, it was available in VHS in an era when this medium was still in its formative stages.

The 1980 PHR Nationals at U.S. 131 Dragway in Martin, Michigan, was an NHRA Div. 3 points race which had all the feel of a national event. It was a race chock full of determination from two legendary racers. First there was Top Fuel legend Shirley Muldowney, who crashed with a front wheel failure, yet rebounded to return for eliminations. And Bob Glidden, who qualified on Friday in Martin, then drove 1600 miles round-trip to race the postponed NHRA Grandnationals outside of Montreal, Quebec, returning on Sunday for final eliminations in Martin.

Glidden had no other choice since he was locked into a championship battle with the Lee Shepherd for the title.