THIS IS WHY WE DO IT - Leave it to video Picasso Les Mayhew to deliver 16 minutes of pure awesomeness from major league drag racing's most prestigious drag race. He's captured everything from the absurd to the most incredible moments from not only the viewpoint of a seasoned media member but also from a drag racing fan.

So, show them this video the next time you hear a "Negative Nelly" proclaiming Indy isn't what it used to be. It's as good as it ever was.


SPEED AND BEAUTY - On Wednesday at the NHRA U.S. Nationals, long before any nitro or Pro Stock vehicles have either unloaded or even arrived, the Stock and Super Stock community prepares for the annual ritual of determining whose car is the best in class.

Following the pandemic-shortened format of 2020, the 2021 event returned to a bit of normalcy with the Class Eliminations format. With the event shortened by a day, the battle for class was moved up a day to Wednesday.

In this video feature, you see the sights and sounds of the A/Stock Automatic classification, the top of the food chain for the traditional Stockers dating back to the 1960s.



AND YOUR ALLSTARS ARE - It's the race within a race that sportsman drag racers strive to be a part of. Friday night at the Dodge NHRA U.S. Nationals, racers in all Lucas Oil Sportsman Drag Racing battled it out for the crown of Jegs AllStar in their respective categories. Catch the final round action as presented by Les Mayhew with Alan Rinehart commenting.


TREASURED TRADITION - Hemi class racing at Indy didn't start with the Dodge Hemi Shootout, but for the last 20 years, it's been perfected. For almost the last decade, CompetitionPlusTV has been bringing you the action in this specialty event. This season, talented cameraman Les Mayhew captures all the action for the 20th-anniversary event.

HORD CRASHES - During the first round of qualifying, driver Rick Hord’s car made contact with the wall before crossing the centerline and making contact with the other wall. Hord exited the car under his own power. 



FRIDAY'S LEADERS - The Force family dominated at Lucas Oil Raceway at Indianapolis on Friday, as both Brittany and John Force powered to the provisional No. 1 qualifying positions in Top Fuel and Funny Car, respectively, at the biggest race of the season, the 67th annual Dodge//SRT NHRA U.S. Nationals.

In this fast-paced recap, you will see more than just the professional divisions as bring you everything from Top Alcohol to Super Gas. 

THE A/STOCK SHOOTOUT - It's the top of the food chain for Stock Eliminator, and with such a designation, the action is both volatile and entertaining. There are three classic Chevrolets, and one late model Pontiac. Oh by the way, there's a big block Ford, too. Watch all the action as these gear-jammers battle it out for king of the hill!

FOR ALL THE TACO CHIPS - For the last few seasons, V/Stock Automatic racers Dan Tool and McNeil Freeman have dueled for the crown in this specialty class. Tool's 4-cylinder Mustang and Freeman's six-cylinder Taxi-themed are the stars of this show. The drivers aren't bad either.


A/STOCK AUTOMATIC WITH AN EXCLAMATION MARK! - There's a plethora of classifications within Stock Eliminator, and while it's been said many times there's something for everybody - there truly is. In this instance, the AA/Stock Automatic class is everything the hardcore musclecar enthusiast craves. This class has the battle of 1960s musclecars.

WAIT/ STOCK AUTOMATIC CLASS ELIMINATIONS - If the A/Stick cars are the top of the food chain when it comes to traditional Stock Eliminator, then the W/Stock Automatic cars are likely the prey. This year's battle features a couple of 4-cylinder Fords which combined displace 280 cubic inches. Watch all the thrill-seeking action as NHRA announcer Alan Rinehart calls the play-by-play in this thriller.