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  • Edelbrock is excited to announce its new "Get Edelbrock Equipped" consumer promotion. The "Get Edelbrock Equipped" promotion allows participating consumers to receive a FREE exclusive t-shirt and fender cover when they purchase any new Edelbrock Air-Gap or RPM intake manifold; whether it's sold individually, included in a Power Package top end kit, carburetor & manifold kit or crate engine. 
  • Burns Stainless is now carrying the Hydraflow 14J21 flexible fluid coupling compatible with the industry standard AS1650 flanges (i.e. Wiggins ferrules). The Hydraflow 14J21 coupling is a threadless flexible coupling for fluid transfer connections originally designed to meet stringent military and aerospace standards and now available for motorsport applications.
  • Now, users of Racepak’s popular display dashes, like the IQ3 and UDX, as well as any non-GPS equipped Racepak V-Net data recorder can add vehicle speed function through the use of Racepak’s GPS V-Net module