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  • If you are a drag racer running a small block, MBE’s 13 degree head offers the most bang for the buck you will find anywhere. This head will outperform any SB2 Cup-style cylinder head. Need proof? How about a documented 950 horsepower with these cylinder heads running a single carburetor and a cast manifold? The secret is a CNC porting program that completely reworks these castings. MBE doesn’t mass produce cylinder heads. Instead, it concentrates on producing highly efficient heads for top-level competition, and the result is precision far beyond what you will find anywhere else. For example, in order to match more engine packages, MBE has designed three distinct port profiles for the 13 degree MBE head, and the largest works with engines up to 450 cubic inches.
  •   QA1 offers bolt-in Rear Coil-Over Conversion Kits for 1973-1977 GM A-Bodies. These kits include specially designed USA made mounting brackets and single or double adjustable aluminum shocks, springs and all necessary hardware. Single adjustable shocks provide 18 positions of simultaneous rebound and compression adjustment while QA1’s double adjustable shocks provide 18 positions of compression adjustment and 18 positions of rebound adjustment, for a total of 324 possible valving combinations. These shocks also utilize a fully threaded body that allows you to adjust your ride height for the perfect stance or to finely tune the weight balance for superior handling.
  •   Stroud Safety has unveiled their new Hi-Top Driving Shoe. Featuring premium grade leather and a thin, durable neoprene rubber sole, these new shoes deliver the ultimate in protection, comfort, feel and value.