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  • Bolt-on horsepower is a term normally not associated when talking about a race engine but that is the probably the easiest way to describe the Aerospace Components vacuum pump kit. The easy-to-install vacuum pump replaces the generic open element breathers or popular valve cover-to-exhaust hoses that are designed to help pull out crankcase gases. The Aerospace Components pump is driven by the crankshaft to create vacuum to relieve those pressures more effectively and help the engine create 20 to 40 more horsepower in the process.
  •   Ever thought about reskinning your tired race car's body? Do you like the new look of the Chevrolet Camaro? If you answered yes to those questions, Jerry Bickel Race Cars has the answer for you.  Jerry Bickel now has available the same technology of the Chevrolet Camaro body used by Rickie Smith to win the NHRA Thunder Valley Nationals. 
  • 39LEADS.COM makes it's once top secret, patent pending technology, available to all business owners. Brian Prins, CEO of BrainMatter Inc, the parent company of said, “We basically saw a problem, and we had the solution for it. That problem being, lower costs incurred by business owners, to obtain new customers, peak public awareness, and brand recognition. We've had the solution for years, but we provided all services in house. We never, until now, allowed this type of access to our platform.”