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  •   The all-new 9” Ford billet pinion yokes from Strange Engineering are constructed from 4340 Chrome Moly. The billet yokes provide exceptional strength to weight ratio when compared to other pinion yokes on the market. Available for both 28 spline (U1603B) and 35 spline (U1604B) pinions, the 1350 series billet yokes can be used in any 9” Ford application.  
  • McLeod’s new Spun Aluminum SFI 6.1 Approved Bellhousings have proven that an SFI approved spun aluminum bellhousing can be bought at a very affordable price. Now McLeod offers the same high quality and affordable product for Ford applications.
  • Hughes Performance has announced the availability of our new Xtreme Transmission Fluid. Blended exclusively for Hughes Performance by High Performance Lubricants. Formulated around a high quality synthetic Type F additive package, which has a long track record of success in drag racing. Some of the key features are listed below.