Written by Bobby Bennett.

The NHRA will not allow the AHRA to host their 2010 Reunion tour events on tracks they sanction.

On Monday, the reincarnated AHRA announced a five-race tour schedule to be conducted on three NHRA facilities and two IHRA. The NHRA contacted their three member tracks on Friday, October 30, to inform them that staging one of these events would put them in violation of the NHRA track member agreements.

“They informed these tracks that they were in violation of their member agreements with NHRA and could not allow these events to take place,” said Troy Moe, President of the AHRA. “AHRA has left unreturned messages for Graham Light, NHRA VP of Operations, in an attempt to resolve this matter but has yet to receive a return call.

“AHRA will work diligently to resolve this matter in a timely fashion.”

Moe said in an exclusively prepared statement  to CompetitionPlus.com that he will forward this information to its legal counsel Monday morning for appropriate action.

NHRA is standing its ground that AHRA has proclaimed itself as a sanctioning body with intentions to sanction tracks in the future. Currently there is a universal exclusivity clause in the contracts of both NHRA and IHRA sanctioning agreements that prevents rival sanctioning bodies from hosting any events under their sanction.

The ADRL, although it proclaims sanctioning body status, has no member tracks and qualifies as an Alternative Sanctioning Organization [ASO]. The NHRA considers the ADRL to be more of an ASO race series than a full-fledged sanctioning body.

“NHRA is a sanctioning organization and the AHRA has indicated that they are a sanctioning organization just like the IHRA,” said Anthony Vestal, spokesman for the NHRA. “All of those organizations that create member track programs are basically in competition to get as many member tracks as they can. Those member tracks is where they conduct those events. NHRA member tracks will basically or events that are Alternative Sanctioning Organization events.

“Since the AHRA is a sanctioning organization they don’t qualify for that status.”

Regardless of how the NHRA classifies the AHRA, Moe said his group is moving forward in signing up tracks for the 2010 Reunion Tour.

“AHRA will continue forward with its plans as scheduled and will be announcing additional tracks for our 2010 Reunion Tour over the next few weeks,” Moe concluded.


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