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mustangcover.jpgWhen Ford Motor Company debuted their new Mustang
body just a couple of years ago, the automotive giant intuitively knew the
redesigned body would produce positive results.  With an innovative concept, the
company brought together the most popular looks from years past.  The body,
which was very reminiscent of the popular 1960’s versions, was a big hit with
both the young and old car enthusiasts throughout the world.  Now, with growing
anticipation, the 2007 GT500 is about to be available to the public at large. 

With the car growing in popularity on showroom floors
across the country, it was only a matter of time until the new Mustang was taken
to the drag strip.  Robert Patrick of Fredericksburg, Virginia did just that
with a new 2007 Shelby GT500.   Patrick, whose family owns and operates Purvis
Ford in Virginia, has been a long time Ford enthusiast.  With Ford love running
through his veins, it was only natural for Patrick to choose the baddest of the
Ford family to race in IHRA Pro Stock and World Ford Challenge.



It’s a common sight
in the staging lanes of most Drag Racing Series events - involving both
professional and sportsman racers. On a growing basis there are Racers For
Christ chaplains taking time to pray with various drivers and teams prior to
their qualifying and elimination runs on the track. And it is a privilege that
we take seriously, as we consider it an honor to pray for racers at many of the
1,200 events per year that our RFC chaplains cover throughout the spectrum of

With this
opportunity, however, comes the necessity to teach racers how to pray properly.
Give any racer or competitor any wish he or she desires and chances are that
the number one response will be … a win
If you have a competitive nature, your drive to be successful will
usually be measured by your ability to win – whether it’s a pass down the track
or a best appearing award.  It’s
everyone’s desire to be a winner.