Championships are on the line for the 2nd annual ADRL Battle for the Belts and World Finals from Kennedale, Texas. This is the final event of the 2006 season. Keep up with this weekend's action.







ADRL officials have pulled the plug in Kennedale.  The final three rounds of eliminations will be completed at the Winter Drags in February 2007. Due to ongoing contract negotiations, the exact location of that event in not available at this time.




They might have taken different routes to get there, but Bubba Stanton and Keith Baker both ended up  right where they wanted to be Friday night: in the Texas Raceway  winner's circle, celebrating their 2006 FLOWMASTER American Drag  Racing League world championships after winning their respective  Battle for the Belts eliminators.Stanton (Pro Extreme) and Baker (Pro Nitrous) each turned away seven other would-be champions to win their first ADRL titles and put the  final touches on the 2006 ADRL season. The World  Finals continue Saturday with two rounds of qualifying and 16-car 
eliminators in both Pro Extreme and Pro Nitrous, with any points earned during the day counting toward the 2007 ADRL standings.

Stanton was the last man entered into the Pro Extreme field, filling  in the No. 8 qualifying spot as the competition's second alternate.  He used the opportunity to put together by far his best-ever showing in ADRL competition, opening with a stunning 3.897 to oust points  leader Jason Scruggs, following up with a 3.921 to hold off 2005 Pro  Extreme champion John Lynam (3.964) in a good semifinals race, then  posting a 3.914 to turn back Joshua Hernandez (3.954) in the final.

Stanton's best previous result in ADRL competition was a semifinal finish at this year's Huntsville, Ala., event. His 3.897 in the first  round made him just the second driver in ADRL history to dip below  3.9 seconds; the driver in the other lane, Scruggs, did so four weeks  ago in Rockingham, N.C.

In contrast to Stanton's alternate-to-champion path, Baker simply picked up where he left off from the seven points-scoring events of  the 2006 season. He entered the Battle for the Belts eliminator as  the No. 1 qualifier, having scored 1,660 points to outdistance second- place Terry Housley by roughly one and one-half rounds. Friday night, he opened with a 4.10 and an easy win over Harold Martin, ran a 4.11  to beat a red-lighting Shannon Jenkins in the semifinals, then posted  a 4.129 to outrun Burton Auxier's off-pace 4.75 in the Pro Nitrous  final.

The Belts win was the second ADRL title at Texas Raceway for Baker, who won last year's Saturday eliminator at the season-ending event.  He'll get the chance to defend that title Saturday when the top 16  qualifiers determine the 2006 World Finals event winner. Battle for the Belts eliminations results(winners on top)


First round
Bubba Stanton    3.897
Jason Scruggs    4.343

John Lynam    4.051
Bil Clanton    4.106

Joshua Hernandez    4.034
Joey Martin    4.062

Mike Neal    4.161
Troy Critchley    6.808

Bubba Stanton    3.921
John Lynam    3.964

Joshua Hernandez    3.942
Mike Neal    6.175

Bubba Stanton    3.914
Joshua Hernandez    3.954


First round
Keith Baker    4.103
Harold Martin    4.743

Shannon Jenkins    4.069
Johnny Pilcher    8.402

Burton Auxier    4.137
James Hancock III    4.479

Rex Kelley    4.103
Terry Housley    Centerline

Keith Baker    4.111
Shannon Jenkins    Red-light

Burton Auxier    4.645
Rex Kelley    Red-light

Keith Baker    4.129
Burton Auxier    4.755



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Pro Nitrous Round #1

Keith Baker – 4.103 et – 179.59 mph **(Winner)**
Harold Martin – 4.743 et – 115.51 mph

Keith Baker with a .015 light & a great run to take the win…

Johnny Pilcher –
8.402 et – 51.92 mph
Shannon Jenkins – 4.069 et – 181.18 mph **(Winner)**

Pilcher nearly takes out the tree going hard left & Jenkins makes a clean run to take the win…

Terry Housley – 4.109 et – 168.70 mph
Rex Kelley – 4.103 et – 165.74 mph **(Winner)**

This was a crazy race, Housley with a .042 light, Kelley with a .059 light, both cars went hard right, Housley got the holeshot win light, but he crossed the centerline & took out the timing blocks, So Rex Kelley gets the win…

Burton Auxier – 4.137 et – 174.14 mph **(Winner)**
James Hancock III – 4.679 et – 117.47 mph

Hancock had a .014 light but had problems around half track & Burton takes the win…

Pro Nitrous Round #2

Keith Baker – 4.111 et – 178.38 mph **(Winner)**
Shannon Jenkins – 5.965 et – 79.80 mph

Shannon goes -.018 red & clicks it off. Baker makes a nice run & goes to the final…

Rex Kelley – no time
Burton Auxier – 4.645 et – 115.40 mph **(Winner)**

Rex Kelley rolled the beams & got the red light & no time, then both guys crossed the centerline, but Auxier gets the win & goes to the final…

Pro Nitrous Final

Keith Baker –
4.129 et – 178.02 mph **(Winner)**
Burton Auxier – 4.755 et – 136.23 mph

Burton had a .008 light but ran into problems again & Keith Baker makes another great run & he is you 2006 ADRL Pro Nitrous Champion!!!!!

Pro Extreme Round #1

Jason Scruggs – 4.343 et – 123.52 mph
Bubba Stanton – 3.897 et – 186.95 mph**(Winner)**

Bubba Stanton cuts an .021 light & becomes the second man to run in the .80’s!!!!!! And that is with a WEDGE!!!

John Lynam – 4.051 et – 183.87 mph**(Winner)**
Bil Clanton – 4.106 et – 171.95 mph

Clanton had a .001 light and a .986 60’, but Lynam drove around him for the win. Hats off to Ralph, Bil & the whole family for getting that car back together & it has been straight as a string…

Mike Neal –
4.161 et – 156.05 mph**(Winner)**
Troy Critchley – 6.808 et – 76.43 mph

Critchley has problems & Mike Neal advances in the kids Lumina…

Joey Martin –
4.062 et – 162.57 mph
Josh Hernandez – 4.034 et – 180.57 mph**(Winner)**

Joey Martin rode the centerline & never lifted, but Josh takes the win…

Pro Extreme Round #2

Bubba Stanton – 3.921 et – 185.89 mph**(Winner)**
John Lynam – 3.964 et – 185.97 mph

Lynam had a good light & was kicking up grass, but he could not keep up with Bubba Stanton!!!!

Mike Neal – 6.175 et – 67.32 mph
Josh Hernandez – 3.942 et – 184.98 mph**(Winner)**

Neal had a good holeshot but had problems, while Hernandez made a great run to get to the final…

Pro Extreme Final

Bubba Stanton – 3.914 et – 186.79 mph **(Winner)**
Josh Hernandez – 3.954 et – 187.08 mph

They left dead even & Bubba Stanton absolutely DOMINATED this race… These guys have worked their tales off & BIG congrats on taking the win!!!!



It's My Party - One of the unique things about the way the ADRL awards the world champion belt is the fact that is given to the team on the starting line as the winning car crosses the finish line as opposed to giving the prize to the driver at the top end out of sight of the spectators. This year the teams of both Nitrous and Extreme held their own impromptu celebration in the middle of the track well past the Christmas tree oblivious of the jet funny car behind them preparing to make the final run of the night.

Big Fun - The ADRL series continued its phenomenal growth trend in Kennedale with another unofficial track record in attendance. The Stands were overflowing and fans were lined along the fence several deep the entire length of the track.

Cease and Desist - ADRL president, Kenny Nowling announced to the drivers during their pre race meeting the receipt of a letter from the NHRA by the Kennedale track owners cease and desist any event promoted by the ADRL. The event obviously continued as scheduled with legal minds working behind the scenes to determine exact the purpose of the letter and formulate a response if they determine that a response is in fact necessary.

Reher Present - Pro Stock icon Dave Reher was in attendance at the event. The Reher-Morrison group is preparing to move into the nitrous Pro Modified engine business.

Grabbing the Bull - Shannon Jenkins was in the driver’s seat of the Castellana Cobalt to compete in the Nitrous Battle of the Belts. Jenkins’ previous ride was sold to the Bankston Brothers Racing team and driven by Stan Allen. It was previously thought that Jenkins would still drive the Bankston’s car while competing in the Battle.

Wounded Motor Blues -
Mike Neal wounded the engine in the popular Promodifieds.US Studebaker on the very first test pass and it was feared that the team would not be able to compete in the Battle of the Belts. However, Neal and his son, Michael, decided that the elder Neal would slip into the seat of Michaels Lumina for the Battle. Neal took his son’s ride into the finals before dropping the decision to Bubba Stanton.

Bubba's Night -
Bubba Stanton had a career night. Setting personal bests in speed and ET, Stanton captured his first win and the title of World Champion. The car Stanton drove, however, is no stranger to the winners circle. Mike Janis piloted the same car to the IHRA Promodified World Title in 2004.

Stanton, who did not qualify for the top eight in the Battle of the Belts, was the second alternate replacing Todd Tutterow. That is making the very best out of a fortunate situation.






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ADRL World Finals Closes One Season, Begins Another




Two days of eighth-mile Pro  Modified racing action at Texas Raceway will both bring an end to the FLOWMASTER American Drag Racing League's 2006 season and serve as the  beginning of the 2007 campaign.

The World Finals kicks off Friday with the ADRL's second annual Battle for the Belts competition, two eight-car  eliminators that will determine the 2006 ADRL Pro Extreme and Pro  Nitrous world champions. The fields for those two events has already  been determined, and when the final pair of cars in the Belts competition goes down the track Friday night, the ADRL's 2006 season will have concluded.


But a clean slate will greet all the drivers in attendance on  Saturday, when two rounds of qualifying will finalize the 16-car  fields for the "regular" World Finals eliminators. All points earned in Saturday's competition will count toward the 2007 ADRL points  standings.Last year, drivers such as Pro Nitrous winner Keith Baker and Pro  Extreme runner-up John Lynam used their second-day performances in Kennedale as a springboard toward the top of this season's points  standings.

Overall, seven of the 17 drivers who scored points at the  2005 Kennedale race went on to qualify for the 2006 Battle for the  Belts championship eliminators.

The World Finals begins with open testing on Friday from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. The first round of the Belts competition is  scheduled for 8:30 p.m., with qualifying for Saturday's fields  kicking in at 9:30 p.m.


ADRL Battle for the Belts First-round matchups



1. Jason Scruggs vs.
8. Bubba Stanton

4. John Lynam vs.
5. Bil Clanton

3. Joey Martin vs.
6. Joshua Hernandez

2. Mike Neal vs.
7. Troy Critchley


1. Keith Baker vs.
8. Harold Martin

4. Johnny Pilcher vs.
5. Shannon Jenkins

3. Burton Auxier vs.
6. James Hancock III

2. Terry Housley vs.
7. Rex Kelley





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2005 Belts Finalists Meet in Pro Extreme First Round

The Pro Extreme half of the 2006 FLOWMASTER American Drag Racing League Battle for the Belts  competition will get serious from the opening bell Friday night at  the World Finals when ADRL veterans John Lynam and  Bil Clanton meet in the first round.

Lynam and Clanton met in the final round of last year's inaugural Battle for the Belts competition, with Lynam emerging as the 2005  ADRL Pro Extreme world champion following a 3.959 to 4.014 win.  Between them, the two drivers have won five ADRL event titles and  have appeared in a combined 10 final rounds.

Other drivers qualified to compete in the three-round, single-elimination battle for the ADRL Pro Extreme title Friday at Texas  Raceway include top points-earner and Pro Extreme record-holder Jason  Scruggs, two-time finalist Mike Neal, and Joey Martin, the only  driver in either ADRL class to win two events in 2006. The competition begins at 8:30 p.m. local time.Following is a look at each driver in the Pro Extreme field, in order of placement in the final 2006 ADRL points standings (2006 records  include 2005 Kennedale event):

scruggsdsd_3226.jpgNO. 1 JASON SCRUGGS (1,882 POINTS)
Best result: Semifinals, four events
2006 record: 8-5
Career record: 10-7
Notable: Led points despite not winning an event. ... Scored 400 
bonus points for twice setting both ends of the Pro Extreme 
record. ... Records currently stand at 3.813 and 198.44 mph.



nealdsd_0334.jpg NO. 2 MIKE NEAL (1,674 POINTS)
Best result: Winner, Valdosta
2006 record: 9-5
Career record: 15-11
Notable: Reached two final rounds in 2006. ... Had qualified for 
every ADRL Pro Extreme eliminator before missing the field at 




martindsd_3384.jpg NO. 3 JOEY MARTIN (1,567 POINTS)
Best result: Winner, Houston and Rockingham
2006 record: 9-4
Career record: same
Notable: Only two-time winner this season in either ADRL championship 



lynamdsd_3531.jpg NO. 4 JOHN LYNAM (1,539 POINTS)
Best result: Runner-up, three events
2006 record: 9-6
Career record: 21-10
Notable: 2005 ADRL Pro Extreme world champion. ... A seven-time ADRL 
finalist, but loser of his last five final rounds. ... Winner of the 
first ADRL event ever held (DRAGSTOCK I).



clantondsc_6290.jpgNO. 5 BIL CLANTON (1,473 POINTS)
Best result: Winner, Memphis
2006 record: 8-5
Career record: 15-8
Notable: Three career wins is tied for most in Pro Extreme. ... 2005 
Battle for the Belts runner-up.





Best result: Runner-up, Houston
2006 record: 6-5
Career record: 8-7
Notable: Only driver other than Scruggs to hold at least one end of 
the Pro Extreme record in 2006.




critchleydsd_3294.jpgNO. 7 TROY CRITCHLEY (822 POINTS)
Best result: Semifinals, Memphis
2006 record: 3-5
Career record: 5-6
Notable: In field as first alternate, replacing Quain Stott. ... 
Runner-up in ADRL debut (Hattiesburg, 2005).



statondsd_3389.jpgNO. 8 BUBBA STANTON (722 POINTS)
Best result: Semifinals, Huntsville
2006 record: 3-4
Career record: 3-5
Notable: Second alternate, replacing Todd Tutterow.





First-round matchups

1. Jason Scruggs vs.
8. Bubba Stanton

4. John Lynam vs.
5. Bil Clanton

3. Joey Martin vs.
6. Joshua Hernandez

2. Mike Neal vs.
7. Troy Critchley

1.    Jason Scruggs    1,882
2.    Mike Neal    1,674
3.    Joey Martin    1,567
4.    John Lynam    1,539
5.    Bil Clanton    1,473
6.    Josh Hernandez    1,255
7.    Quain Stott    1,244
8.    Todd Tutterow    840
9.    Troy Critchley    822
10.    Bubba Stanton    722
11.    Herman Sheppard    721
12.    Thomas Patterson    719
13.    Todd Bauknecht    620
14.    Toney Russell    619
15.    Brian Daniels    607
16.    Frankie Taylor    533
17.    Chip King    524
18.    Eddie Ware    523
19.    Bennie McDonald    427
20.    Tommy Mauney    417
21.    Phil Osborne    226
22.    Mike Bell    215
23.    Travis Swearingen    213
24.    Dwayne Watkins    212
25.    Brian Dyar    211

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Battle for the Belts Will Determine New ADRL Pro Nitrous Champion

Only one thing will be certain when the FLOWMASTER American Drag Racing League's Battle for the Belts  championship eliminators get under way Friday night at the World Finals: a new ADRL Pro Nitrous world champion  will be crowned.

With 2005 ADRL Pro Nitrous champion Dan Parker not qualifying for the Battle for the Belts competition, a first-time winner is guaranteed  to come from the field of eight qualified drivers. That group  includes 2006 points leader Keith Baker, 2005 Battle for the Belts  runner-up Rex Kelley, former IHRA Pro Modified champion Shannon Jenkins, and fuel-injection wizard Harold Martin. The three-round,  single-elimination battle for the ADRL Pro Nitrous title begins at  8:30 p.m. local time Friday at Texas Raceway.

Following is a look at each driver in the Pro Nitrous field, in order of placement in the final 2006 ADRL Pro Nitrous points standings  (2006 records include 2005 Kennedale event):


Best result: Winner, Kennedale (2005)
2006 record: 9-6
Career record: 14-9
Notable: Won the regular Pro Nitrous eliminator at last year's 
Kennedale event, which counted toward 2006 points standings. .... Has 
qualified for seven straight eliminators; overall, has participated 
in 10 of the 12 Pro Nitrous eliminators in ADRL history.


Best result: Winner, Huntsville
2006 record: 10-3
Career record: 10-4
Notable: Defeated Baker at Huntsville in his first ADRL final-round 
appearance. ... Opened the 2006 season with three straight semifinal 

Best result: Winner, Madison
2006 record: 8-4
Career record: same
Notable: Won at least one eliminations round in first four events of 


Best result: Runner-up, Houston
2006 record: 5-6
Career record: 13-11
Notable: Only driver to qualify for all 12 ADRL Pro Nitrous 
eliminators held to date. ... Had five consecutive semifinal results 
during the 2005 season.

Best result: Winner, Rockingham
2006 record: 7-3
Career record: 18-5
Notable: Four event wins and 18 round-wins are most of any Pro 
Nitrous driver. ... ADRL record-holder for elapsed time (3.992 seconds).

Best result: runner-up, Rockingham
2006 record: 6-6
Career record: 8-10
Notable: Qualified for all six events held in 2006.


Best result: Semifinals, Huntsville
2006 record: 2-5
Career record: 2-7
Notable: Lost to Dan Parker in 2005 Battle for the Belts final round.


Best result: Winner, Valdosta
2006 record: 4-2
Career record: same
Notable: An event-winner in his ADRL career debut ... Qualified as 
alternate for the 2006 Belts eliminator, replacing Todd Tutterow.

1. Keith Baker vs.
8. Harold Martin

4. Johnny Pilcher vs.
5. Shannon Jenkins

3. Burton Auxier vs.
6. James Hancock III

2. Terry Housley vs.
7. Rex Kelley

1.    Keith Baker    1,660
2.    Terry Housley    1,437
3.    Burton Auxier    1,362
    Johnny Pilcher    1,362
5.    Shannon Jenkins    1,353
6.    James Hancock    1,249
7.    Rex Kelley    851
8.    Todd Tutterow    836
9.    Rickie Smith    818
10.    R. Weatherford    757
11.    Mike Castellana    736
12.    Harold Martin    728
13.    Ken Thomas    715
14.    Steve Vick    622
15.    Pat Stoken    436
16.    Aaron Hodges    427
17.    Dan Parker    425
18.    Dennis Radford    424
19.    Stan Allen    415
20.    Billy Harper    404
21.    C. Carpenter    317
22.    Dave Roemer    310
    John Deflorian    310
    Thomas Meyers    310
25.    Sonny Tindal    303

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