There are very few times when the high-horsepower attraction of drag racing crosses paths with the manufacturing mecca of American automobile manufacters -- Detroit. Formerly hosted in the early months of August, the annual Milan, Michigan event has been moved later in the month as a showcase event on the tour.




SUNDAY FINAL - The Sixth Time is the Charm for Paul Lee

Tops Dan Wilkerson in the final round to claim first career IHRA national event championship

Paul Lee finally secured his first nitro Funny Car national event victory.
Five times Paul Lee had advanced to an IHRA Knoll Gas Nitro Jam final round. Five times he had come away empty-handed. All that changed at Milan Dragway when Lee defeated Dan Wilkerson to claim the Ironman at the IHRA Motor City Nationals.

“This feels great, I’m very happy and excited but at the same time this is a relief,” Lee said after his 4.956/305.49 pass toppled Wilkerson. “You want to win so badly and you keep going to final rounds. I would go rounds and go rounds, but that final one kept eluding me for some reason. You need luck to win one of these things, and today we just had the luck.”

In the semifinal against Matt Hagan, Lee’s luck carried him through. He smoked the tires at the hit of the throttle and lifted out of the run. Hagan was well ahead at half-track, but his car went into tire shake, forcing him to pitch left and cross the center line. Lee, meanwhile, got back into the run and coasted down the track to take the win light.

Bruce Litton won his first national event as the Top Fuel world champion.
Luck had nothing to do with Bruce Litton’s win in the Top Fuel class. The Indianapolis-based defending world champion consistently clocked passes in the 4.60’s to march through the field to the event championship. Scott Palmer could not get his car fired for the final round against Litton, but the defending champ zipped down the groove with a strong 4.678/287.66 pass to claim the win.

“You hate to win like that and always want to put on a show for the fans, but we’ll take it,’ Litton said. “My crew worked so hard to put a good car under me and I was pretty confident heading into the final.”

Litton made a slight change prior to the Motor City Nationals. Prior to packing his 2007 Hadman Dragster into the hauler, Litton’s team put the 500ci TFX engine that carried them to the ’07 title back in the vehicle.

“It was like slipping on a broken-in pair of blue jeans,” Litton said of his old motor. “That engine has been so reliable and we decided to make the change for this race. I guess it was the right call.”

Kenny Lang assumed the Pro Modified points lead with his clean-sweep victory.
Kenny Lang’s Crew Chief Al Billes has been making plenty of right calls as well. Lang (Grande Pointe, Manitoba) won his second consecutive Ironman, backing up his win in Rockingham with a victory at the Motor City Nationals. Lang stopped Mike Castellana’s nitrous-powered ’68 Firebird in the final.

“Al’s a great Crew Chief and my team works so hard,” Lang said. “I put a lot of pressure on myself to not make any mistakes because they always give me a flawless car and if we lose it usually is because of something I did. I don’t want to let the team down.”

Lang assumed the Pro Modified points lead with his win in Milan.

“We do this to have fun, but it’s always fun to win,” Lang said. “I have a great Tim McAmis chassis I am very comfortable with and Al is giving me plenty of power. Our goal was to be in the points chase all season and we’re right where we want to be.”

Dr. Tom Carter did something no other driver has been able to do in 2008 -- beat Laurie Cannister.
Dr. Tom Carter, a dentist from Cuero, Tex., did something no one else has been able to do this season…knock off Laurie Cannister in Alcohol Funny Car competition. Carter defeated Cannister in the final round at Milan Dragway to stop her eight-round winning streak. When Carter moved into the Alcohol Funny Car ranks in the 2006 season it was Cannister and her husband Dale who helped tune his car. At the Motor City Nationals he won the battle with his former teammates and close friends.

“Actually, it doesn’t matter to me who is in the other lane when I stage the car,” Carter said. “I’m trying to go fast and win no matter who I’m racing. But Laurie and Dale are great people and they’re having an incredible season. This is going to be an outstanding points race all year long.”

Carter, who set an IHRA national speed record with a 249.30 mph pass in the first round against Tony Bogolo, clocked a 5.802/248.43 pass in the final to top Cannister’s 5.842/242.98 package.

Jeff Dobbins was the master of his destiny all weekend en route to the Pro Stock crown.
Jeff Dobbins (Wilmington, N.C.) had a dominant weekend in Milan, finishing at the top of the qualifying sheet, making a career-best 6.294 pass during qualifying and blowing through four elimination rounds to win the Pro Stock Ironman. Dobbins defeated Pete Berner in the final round in a race he felt fortunate to win.

“I have no idea why, but we lost power towards the end of the track,” Dobbins said. “Pete was charging hard and it seemed like the finish line would never get there. But we got it done. This was a great weekend.”

Dobbins took the title with a hole-shot victory, clocking a 6.369/219.86 pass with a .031 reaction time to knock off Berner’s .082-induced 6.333/220.73.

“That’s me doing my job,” Dobbins said of his hole-shot win. “Pete is a great driver and has a really strong-running car. I knew I had to be good at the starting line and was able to hold him off at the end.”

The next stop on the IHRA Nitro Jam circuit is Maryland International Raceway for the Torco President’s Cup Nationals June 13-15.   


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Sunday's final results from the Motor City Nationals presented by GM Performance Division & Heritage Newspapers at Milan Dragway.  The race is the third of 11 in the 2008 Knoll-Gas Nitro Jam Drag Racing Series:

(photos by Brian Epps)

Top Fuel -- Bruce Litton, 4.678 seconds, 287.66 mph def. Scott Palmer, broke.

Nitro Funny Car -- Paul Lee, Chevy Monte Carlo, 4.956, 305.49 def. Daniel Wilkerson, Chevy IMpala, 5.201, 238.30.

Pro Modified -- Kenny Lang, Chevy Corvette, 6.021, 238.55 def. Mike Castellana, Pontiac Firebird, 10.182, 80.51.

Alcohol Funny Car -- Thomas Carter, Chevy Monte Carlo, 5.802, 248.43 def. Laurie Cannister, Chevy Camaro, 5.842, 242.98.

Pro Stock -- Jeff Dobbins, Ford Escort, 6.369, 219.86 def. Pete Berner, Pontiac GXP, 6.333, 220.73.

Top Dragster -- Ricky Adkins, Dragster, 6.893, 177.93 def. Dennis Kline, Dragster, 6.652, 202.15.

Top Sportsman -- Curt Fredrich, Chevy Monte Carlo, 7.331, 187.26 def. Bob Mandell Jr., Oldsmobile Cutlass, 6.839, 192.99.

Super Stock -- Dan Fletcher, Chevy Camaro, 9.291, 139.66 def. Richard Mace, Pontiac Firebird, 10.362, 128.25.

Stock -- Randy Martin, Plymouth Duster, 11.157, 111.27 def. Mike Fuller, Chevy Camaro, 10.565, 125.52.

Quick Rod -- Donny Urban, Dragster, 8.899, 167.07 def. Kenny Underwood, Dragster, 8.876, 175.37.

Super Rod -- Paul Brown, Dodge Dart, 9.928, 145.48 def. Billy Leber, Chevy Corvette, 9.915, 165.86.

Hot Rod -- Kenny Underwood, Chevy Camaro, 10.892, 133.78 def. Ken Langlois, Chevy Nova, 10.889, 142.57.

ET Bracket -- Alan Hedder, Chevy Nova, 9.826, 133.18 def. Robert Johnson, Kawasaki, 9.339, 132.69.

Top ET -- Alan Hedder, Chevy Nova, 9.819, 135.36  def. Rob Phillips, Chevy Beretta, 9.164, 147.96.

Mod ET -- Robert Johnson, Kawasaki, 9.274, 139.04  def. Matt Luttrell, Chevy Nova, 10.965, 109.01. 


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SATURDAY FINAL QUALIFYING - Dan Wilkerson #1 Nitro Funny Car Qualifier at Motor City Nationals

Scott Palmer (Top Fuel), Kenny Lang (Pro Modified), Dale Brand (Alcohol Funny Car) and Jeff Dobbins (Pro Stock) set the pace at Milan Dragway

Young Dan Wilkerson leads the Funny Cars into eliminations.
Dan Wilkerson (Springfield, Ill.) has made quite a splash in his Nitro Funny Car debut. The son of current NHRA Nitro Funny Car points leader Tim Wilkerson set a provisional IHRA world record during Friday’s qualifying session with a 4.831 pass at 316.01 mph.  Despite failing to back up the record, Wilkerson held on to the #1 qualifying spot heading into Sunday’s elimination rounds.

Wilkerson had no idea he had the provisional record in his pocket when he made his Saturday qualifying hits. His Levi, Ray & Shoup ’07 Impala, the same car his father drives in NHRA competition, went into tire shake at about the 100-foot mark in his Saturday qualifying pass.

“No, I did not know that to tell you the truth,” he said about the provisional world record. “We were planning on running in the low 80’s on that run so I was a little surprised when I went into tire shake. That would be cool tomorrow if we could back that thing up. That would make an excellent weekend…not a bad debut.”

Scott Palmer retained the top spot in Top Fuel on the strength of his Friday run.
To back up his provisional record Wilkerson will have to run a 4.879 during Sunday’s elimination rounds.

Scott Palmer (Marionville, MO) posted a 4.597 at 317.49 mph during the Friday evening qualifying session, a number that stood up against all comers Saturday to give him his first career #1 qualifying spot. Palmer will square off against Bobby Lagana Jr. (Scarsdale, N.Y.) in the first round of eliminations Sunday.

“We have a pretty consistent can and it’s working,” Palmer said. “The crew guys are doing great and we’re at least confident the car will do its part tomorrow as long as we get it bolted together right. The car is repeating. It’s just like a bracket car as long as we get it bolted together right.”

Current points leader Spencer Massey (Fort Worth, Tex.) ended up fourth on the qualifying sheet. The 25-year-old Top Fuel rookie will look to remain undefeated in IHRA competition this season Sunday, starting with a first-round tussle with Chris Karamesines (Chicago, Ill.).

None of the Pro Modified drivers challenged Kenny Lang's five-second dominance.
Kenny Lang (Grande Pointe, Manitoba) and Scott Cannon Jr. (Lyman, S.C.) put on a show for the capacity crowd at Milan Dragway. The duo was the final pair of cars down the track in the Saturday evening Pro Modified qualifying session and they combined to claim both Milan Dragway track records…Lang grabbing the ET record with a 5.958 and Cannon claiming the speed record with a 240.77 pass. The pair finished 1-2 on the qualifying sheet as well, with Lang claiming his first #1 qualifying spot of the season.

“The car is going down the track right now, it’s just awesome and consistent,” Lang said. “This car is really hot right now. I have a great Tim McAmis chassis, excellent horsepower from Al Billes and a really good crew. You need all those components to have a contending car and that’s what we think we have.”

Dale Brand broke Laurie Cannister's qualifying dominance by topping the Alcohol Funy Car qualifying list.
Jeff Dobbins (Wilmington, N.C.) was the only Torco Pro Stocker to dip into the sub-6.30 range when he claimed the #1 qualifying position with a 6.294 pass at 222.40 mph Saturday evening. That pass broke his own track ET record and put Dobbins and his ’06 Escort on top of the qualifying sheet for the first time this season. He also became the fifth member of the Jerry Haas Race Cars 6.20’s Club, an exclusive club honoring the first eight Pro Stock drivers to break the 6.30 barrier in sanctioned IHRA competition.

“It was a great run…we’ve been waiting for that for quite a while,” Dobbins said of his sizzling Saturday evening pass. “It was just a perfect run. The car was smooth, I got through all the gears; we were just tickled to get that one.”

The Torco Pro Stock field in Milan was historically tough. In fact, it marked the first time in IHRA history the bump spot fell below the 6.40 mark. Trevor Eman, from Pos Chiquito, Aruba, ended up on the bump spot with a 6.391/220.58 pass. The previous quickest bump spot was a 6.401 at the 2007 President’s Cup Nationals in Budds Creek, Md.

Jeff Dobbins came within .001 of the Milan Pro Stock track record on Friday. On Saturday, he obliterated the mark.
Dobbins will be ready for Sunday’s elimination rounds.

“We’re looking forward to tomorrow and this was our first #1 qualifier in quite a while,” Brand said. “We’re looking forward to starting on top of the pack.”

Dale Brand made a strong statement during Saturday evening’s qualifying session, clocking a 5.654/245.90 pass to jump past Paul Noakes and claim the #1 qualifying position in the Alcohol Funny Car class.

“We love Milan, Michigan,” Brand said. “This track and the people here have always treated us very good. It’s an awesome racing facility and we’re glad to be here. The weather is going to be beautiful and we’re looking forward to a great race day tomorrow.”

Brand will square off with Larry Dobbs, the #5 qualifier, in the first round of eliminations Sunday.

The IHRA Motor City Nationals presented by GM Performance Division and Heritage Newspapers will conclude with final eliminations Sunday, May 25. The first session of professional eliminations will start at 11:00am, a session that will include Pro Stock and Pro Modified. Final eliminations for the rest of the classes will begin at noon with finals scheduled to kick off at 4:30pm.

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First-round pairings for professional eliminations Sunday for the Motor City Nationals presented by GM Performance Division & Heritage Newspapers at Milan Dragway, the third of 11 events in the 2008 Knoll-Gas Nitro Jam Drag Racing Series.  Pairings based on results in qualifying, which ended Saturday.

Top Fuel --
1. Scott Palmer, 4.597 seconds, 317.49 mph  vs. 5. Bobby Lagana Jr., 4.716, 290.13; 2. Bruce Litton, 4.620, 322.27  vs. 6. T.J. Zizzo, 4.740, 272.06; 3. Mike Strasburg, 4.647, 327.43  vs. 7. Kevin Jones, 4.833, 282.36; 4. Spencer Massey, 4.715, 307.51  vs. 8. Chris Karamesines, 5.052, 289.14.

Nitro Funny Car --
1. Daniel Wilkerson, Chevy IMpala, 4.831, 316.01  vs. 5. Dale Creasy Jr., Chevy Impala, 5.060, 278.35; 2. Paul Lee, Chevy Monte Carlo, 4.939, 303.64  vs. 6. Terry Haddock, Dodge Stratus, 5.087, 299.53; 3. Jeff Diehl, Monte Carlo, 5.017, 292.27  vs. 7. Jack Wyatt, Stratus, 5.111, 237.13; 4. Matt Hagan, Monte Carlo, 5.045, 302.35  vs. 8. Andy Kelley, Pontiac Firebird, 5.180, 289.57.

Pro Modified --
1. Kenny Lang, Chevy Corvette, 5.958, 239.65  vs. 9. Thomas Patterson, Willys, 6.091, 222.07; 2. Scott Cannon, Pontiac Firebird, 6.000, 240.77  vs. 10. Mark Nielsen, Chevy Camaro, 6.095, 237.46; 3. Tommy D'Aprile, Chevy Bel Air, 6.038, 232.31  vs. 11. Jim Halsey, Camaro, 6.122, 231.16; 4. Jason Hamstra, Camaro, 6.053, 234.49  vs. 12. Chip King, Dodge Daytona, 6.124, 236.09; 5. Carl Spiering, Camaro, 6.054, 235.27  vs. 13. Jason Stock, Corvette, 6.135, 234.25; 6. Pat Stoken, Camaro, 6.069, 233.16  vs. 14. Ed Hoover, Camaro, 6.147, 235.72; 7. Mike Janis, Firebird, 6.076, 238.60  vs. 15. Billy Gibson, Plymouth Superbird, 6.196, 232.87; 8. Mike Castellana, Firebird, 6.088, 236.05  vs. 16. Burton Auxier, Corvette, 6.275, 224.96.

Alcohol Funny Car --
1. Dale Brand, Chevy Camaro, 5.654, 245.90  vs. 5. Larry Dobbs, Chevy Corvette, 5.790, 247.57; 2. Paul Noakes, Dodge Avenger, 5.754, 246.44  vs. 6. Rob Atchison, Chevy Monte Carlo, 5.828, 248.93; 3. Laurie Cannister, Camaro, 5.783, 244.78  vs. 7. Tim Stevens, Dodge Stratus, 5.887, 237.88; 4. Thomas Carter, Monte Carlo, 5.789, 247.66  vs. 8. Tony Bogolo, Ford Mustang, 5.893, 238.60.

Pro Stock -- 1. Jeff Dobbins, Ford Escort, 6.294, 222.40  vs. 9. Jason Collins, Chevy Cobalt, 6.336, 220.94; 2. John Montecalvo, Cobalt, 6.320, 220.66  vs. 10. Bob Bertsch, Ford Mustang, 6.344, 218.65; 3. Robert Patrick, Mustang, 6.322, 220.12  vs. 11. Dean Goforth, Pontiac GTO, 6.346, 213.94; 4. Cary Goforth, Cobalt, 6.327, 221.23  vs. 12. Elijah Morton, Mustang, 6.349, 219.94; 5. Rob Mansfield, GTO, 6.327, 220.69  vs. 13. Richard Freeman, Cobalt, 6.360, 221.60; 6. Pete Berner, Pontiac GXP, 6.327, 220.94  vs. 14. Michael Bruno, GTO, 6.361, 220.15; 7. Frank Gugliotta, Mustang, 6.329, 219.33  vs. 15. John Konigshofer, Mustang, 6.371, 219.15; 8. Brian Gahm, Mustang, 6.332, 221.56  vs. 16. Trevor Eman, Escort, 6.391, 220.58.


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FRIDAY QUALIFYING - Dan Wilkerson Claims Provisional #1 Qualifier Spot at First Career National Event

Son of current NHRA points leader Tim Wilkerson scores impressive debut at IHRA Motor City Nationals

In his professional debut, Tim Wilkerson raced to the No. 1 spot.
Dan Wilkerson has big shoes to fill. The son of current NHRA Nitro Funny Car points leader Tim Wilkerson took a huge step towards filling those shoes at the IHRA Motor City Nationals at Milan Dragway.

Wilkerson, from Springfield, Ill., made the best of his first-ever Nitro Funny Car competitive pass by carding a 4.831 at 316.01 mph to move to the head of the Torco Racing Fuels Pro Nitro qualifying list Friday night. Though Dan Wilkerson has made a name for himself in the Alcohol Funny Car ranks, winning the NHRA Division 3 title last season, he has always wanted to move into the nitro ranks. Though he earned his license last season,the Motor City Nationals were the first chance he had to show what he could do behind the wheel of the ’07 Impala his father has put in the Winner’s Circle on the NHRA tour twice this season.

“We didn’t really think we were going to go that fast,” Dan Wilkerson said. “We were trying to go low 90’s or high 80’s, but the car definitely got my attention at about 100 feet because it was really hauling the mail. It moved around a little bit, a little more that I would have hoped for, but I kept it in the groove for the most part. So overall it was a good run.”

Scott Palmer threw down the gauntlet early in Top Fuel qualifying.
Tim Wilkerson was pleased with how his son handled himself.

“As soon as the weather got better we knew it was going to be a little quicker than we expected,” he said. “When I thought we would be running we thought the track would be in the 90’s, but when the track temperature went down into the 70’s we changed it a little bit and picked up three or four hundredths. But if we would have had it tuned up like I thought it should have been tuned up it would have went in the 70’s. But that’s okay, we don’t have to go that fast anyway. We’re trying to teach him how to drive. He tends to over-steer it because it’s going so fast, but he’s doing very well.”

Scott Palmer (Marionville, MO) claimed the provisional #1 qualifier spot in the Torco Racing Fuels Top Fuel class with a 4.597 pass at 317.49 mph. Palmer was the #1 qualifier at the IHRA Spring Nationals in Rockingham one month ago and will have to survive two Saturday qualifying sessions if he hopes to end up #1 on the final qualifying sheet.

“We have no Crew Chief,” Palmer said with a chuckle. “When Lance Larsen and Johnny West are around they give us some advice, but Rob Flynn, Lee Beard and David Powers Motorsports…they gave us that tune-up. And Rob Flynn is a god.”

Kenny Lang was the only Pro Modified entry into the 5-second zone.
Kenny Lang (Grande Pointe, Mb.) put together a breath-taking pass during the Friday evening Pro Modified qualifying session, setting the track ET record and claiming the provisional pole with a 5.964 pass at 239.36 mph. Lang carried the front tires of his ’53 Corvette almost to the 330’ timing block before setting them down and cruising straight down the groove to the finish line. Lang, who won last month in Rockingham, had the quickest afternoon qualifying session as well and, with his evening shot, claimed the five Last Man Standing bonus points.

“It was a good run that felt a touch fast at the start,” Lang said. “It was a strong car and a smooth run, it felt really good.”

Paul Noakes broke the Laurie Cannister stranglehold, at least provisionally.
Paul Noakes (London, Ont.) did something not many Alcohol Funny Car drivers have been able to do this season…finish better than Laurie Cannister. Cannister had been the quickest AFC in all 12 Alcohol Funny Car sessions this season heading into the Motor City Nationals, and claimed both national event titles to boot, but Noakes drove the Amalie Oil InstiGator to the top of the provisional qualifying sheet Friday night with a 5.791 at 244.03 mph. Noakes, in his first season driving for car owner Terry McMillen, also claimed the five Last Man Standing bonus points.

Jeff Dobbins was only .001 off of the Milan Dragway track record. He's atop Pro Stock.
Jeff Dobbins (Wilmington, N.C.) cleaned up in the Pro Stock class Friday evening, claiming the provisional #1 qualifier position and winning the $500 bonus for being the Quarter-Max Pro Stock Challenge winner. The Quarter-Max Pro Stock challenge, like the IHRA Last Man Standing, rewards the driver with the quickest qualifying pass, who also won against the car in the other lane, with five bonus points.

Dobbins, driving his 2006 Ford Escort, covered the quarter-mile in 6.312 at 221.78 mph to jump to the top of the qualifying sheet. Dobbins was one thousandth of a second off his own track record of 6.311 set last season. He will have to survive two more qualifying sessions Saturday to hold on to the #1 spot.

The IHRA Motor City Nationals presented by GM Performance Division and Heritage Newspapers will continue Saturday, May 24 with two professional qualifying sessions. The first will begin at 2:00pm with all five professional classes running. The field will finalize after Saturday’s evening qualifying session, which will start at 6:30pm.


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Results Friday after qualifying for the Motor City Nationals presented by GM Performance Division & Heritage Newspapers at Milan Dragway, third of 11 events in the 2008 Knoll-Gas Nitro Jam Drag Racing Series.  Qualifying will continue Saturday for Sunday's final eliminations.

Top Fuel -- 1. Scott Palmer, 4.597 seconds, 317.49 mph; 2. Bruce Litton, 4.620, 322.27; 3. Mike Strasburg, 4.647, 327.43; 4. Bobby Lagana Jr., 4.716, 290.13; 5. Chris Karamesines, 5.052, 289.14; 6. Todd Paton, 5.389, 181.03; 7. Dave Gallegos, 5.728, 248.66; 8. Fred Farndon, 7.832, 79.68.  Not Qualified: 9. Kevin Jones, 9.482, 86.95; 10. Terry McMillen, 10.472, 85.21; 11. Spencer Massey, broke.

Nitro Funny Car -- 1. Daniel Wilkerson, Chevy IMpala, 4.831, 316.01; 2. Matt Hagan, Chevy Monte Carlo, 5.049, 302.35; 3. Andy Kelley, Pontiac Firebird, 5.196, 256.02; 4. Todd Simpson, Chevy Camaro, 5.814, 256.60; 5. Rob Bruce, Camaro, 5.882, 27.19; 6. Terry Haddock, Dodge Stratus, 7.953, 110.07; 7. Dale Creasy Jr., Chevy Impala, 9.531, 59.73; 8. Cory Lee, Monte Carlo, 10.578, 84.39.  Not Qualified: 9. Bob Gilbertson, 10.584, 85.46; 10. Paul Lee, 10.819, 76.94; 11. Jeff Diehl, 12.739, 35.71; 12. Jack Wyatt, 19.110, 61.92.

Pro Modified -- 1. Kenny Lang, Chevy Corvette, 5.964, 239.36; 2. Tommy D'Aprile, Chevy Bel Air, 6.038, 229.70; 3. Jason Hamstra, Chevy Camaro, 6.053, 234.49; 4. Scott Cannon, Pontiac Firebird, 6.074, 238.30; 5. Mike Castellana, Firebird, 6.088, 236.05; 6. Thomas Patterson, Willys, 6.091, 222.07; 7. Mark Nielsen, Camaro, 6.095, 237.46; 8. Jason Stock, Corvette, 6.135, 229.35; 9. Jim Halsey, Camaro, 6.141, 231.16; 10. Ed Hoover, Camaro, 6.147, 235.72; 11. Mike Janis, Firebird, 6.160, 233.40; 12. Chip King, Dodge Daytona, 6.167, 236.09; 13. Billy Gibson, Plymouth Superbird, 6.196, 232.87; 14. Carl Spiering, Camaro, 6.202, 232.11; 15. Quain Stott, Corvette, 6.431, 227.31; 16. Gary Mason, Corvette, 6.656, 190.22.  Not Qualified: 17. Pat Stoken, 7.628, 115.43.

Alcohol Funny Car -- 1. Paul Noakes, Dodge Avenger, 5.791, 244.03; 2. Rob Atchison, Chevy Monte Carlo, 5.828, 248.93; 3. Tony Bogolo, Ford Mustang, 5.905, 238.34; 4. Mark Thomas, Chevy Impala, 5.907, 244.07; 5. Laurie Cannister, Chevy Camaro, 5.923, 240.29; 6. Terry Munroe, Monte Carlo, 5.931, 238.64; 7. Larry Dobbs, Chevy Corvette, 5.987, 232.15; 8. Thomas Carter, Monte Carlo, 6.099, 183.47.  Not Qualified: 9. Dale Brand, 6.121, 184.90; 10. Dylan Hache, 6.212, 202.12; 11. Tim Stevens, 6.415, 163.10; 12. John Hart, 10.415, 78.75; 13. Rocky Hummel, 22.299, 35.54.

Pro Stock --
1. Jeff Dobbins, Ford Escort, 6.312, 221.78; 2. John Montecalvo, Chevy Cobalt, 6.320, 220.66; 3. Cary Goforth, Cobalt, 6.327, 221.20; 4. Rob Mansfield, Pontiac GTO, 6.327, 220.69; 5. Pete Berner, Pontiac GXP, 6.327, 219.86; 6. Robert Patrick, Ford Mustang, 6.343, 219.47; 7. Bob Bertsch, Mustang, 6.344, 218.65; 8. Dean Goforth, GTO, 6.346, 213.94; 9. Brian Gahm, Mustang, 6.347, 221.56; 10. Elijah Morton, Mustang, 6.352, 219.94; 11. Michael Bruno, GTO, 6.361, 220.15; 12. Richard Freeman, Cobalt, 6.383, 220.19; 13. Trevor Eman, Escort, 6.401, 220.58; 14. Jason Collins, Cobalt, 6.405, 220.51; 15. Ron Miller, Cobalt, 6.407, 217.67; 16. John Konigshofer, Mustang, 6.423, 218.34.  Not Qualified: 17. Larry O'Brien, 6.447, 217.67; 18. Sylvester Barnes, 6.670, 211.46; 19. Chuck DeMory, 7.032, 147.83; 20. Frank Gugliotta, 8.594, 105.32.



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