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FCWinnersCircleThe Bakersfield March Meet came to a partial conclusion late Sunday afternoon as both professional divisions crowned champions. All day rain on Friday and partially on Saturday morning pushed the final runs in both Group 2 and Group 3 divisions into Monday.


The rain did little to dampen the enthusiasm of the winners of the 55th annual event hosted by Auto Club Famoso located outside of Bakersfield, Ca. Tim Boychuk [AA/FC] and Jim Young took home the titles in their respective divisions.


For Boychuk, winning Bakersfield earned the longtime Canadian drag racer a measure of new respect. Last year, Boychuk was stripped of the victory after a post-race tech inspection revealed the team had an improper fuel pump, giving the win to Chad Head.


This year, Boychuk defeated an upset-minded Mark Sanders in the final round. Boychuk won with a 5.814 elapsed time at 249.21 miles per hour pass in the final round. Sanders made it a close race until he lost an engine.


“It’s a good feeling after last year’s fiasco and to get it done again was just perfect,” said Boychuk. “Feeling a bit of redemption here.”


TFFinalBoychuk, who qualified No. 8, drove his way past Ryan Overholser, No. 1 qualifier Jason Rupert and beating a red-lighting Chad Head, who broke a clutch pedal on the starting line .


“I have about 80 texts on my phone already,” said Boychuk of his fellow Canadians offering their congratulations. “And they are justified to be this excited; winning the March Meet is just like winning Indy. It’s big and great and we knew we could do it.


In Top Fuel, Young was the standard bearer for the class with his quickest run of the weekend, a 5.651, 268.78 to beat Denver Schutz.


“Nothing beats this,” Young said. “Two in a row. The car ran flawless and the crew did a great job. The chassis worked good and the track was great. I can’t say enough about the crew and Frank tuning and the Neil and Parks chassis. It’s awesome. Ousley Racing really has it going on.


“We struggled a bit down low but we had good top end power,” Young explained. “We tried some new oil recovery systems this weekend. The car was basically dry as a bone all weekend.”


Young entered eliminations as the No. 1 qualifier and defeated Adam Sorokin and Jim Murphy to reach the final round.




sunday fc finalr 03

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Friday's qualifying at the Bakersfield March Meet in Bakersfield, Ca., has been postponed due to persistent rain showers.

Saturday's modified schedule will include two rounds of nitro racing with final eliminations on Sunday.




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