VP Racing Fuels, known around the world for powering the evolution of racing fuels, will introduce four new products at this year’s PRI Show in Indianapolis.
X85L™ is an 85% Ethanol 15% Hydrocarbon racing fuel with a lead additive package to increase octane and the lubricity of the fuel. X14™ is a non-oxygenated leaded general purpose racing fuel that is economically priced, and a good choice for any number of racing applications, including 598-615 cubic inch naturally aspirated big bracket engines and NHRA Super Comp and Super Gas racing. X14 has a MON of 112 for compression ratios up to 15:1. 
“Our new X85L and X14 race fuels are perfect go-to fuels for a large number of racers, but we didn’t stop there,” said Bruce Hendel, VP’s Vice President, North America Sales – Race Fuels & Consumer Products.  “Our R&D team worked with racers and engine builders throughout the year, and we are also proud to have added Eco96™ and UTV 96™ to our extensive fuel menu.  Some companies might think they can fuel everything with a handful of products. We’ve known better for years, and our growth in North America and around the world is proof we’ve got the right formula.”
VP Eco96™ is an unleaded, oxygenated off-road racing fuel made specifically for Ecotec engines or other applications that can run low octane fuel. With the fuel’s unique chemical properties, VP Eco96 prevents vapor lock in the extreme heat of desert racing better than pump gas and standard types of race fuel.
VP UTV96™ is specifically built for the UTV market and increases performance in both naturally aspirated engines as well as turbo-charged engines and is great for all makes of UTVs. By outperforming standard pump gas as it pertains to the fuels boiling point, UTV96 reduces the chance of harmful vapor locking in long, hot desert races and recreational outings.
For more information about VP and its products for racers, enthusiasts, and general consumers visit vpracingfuels.com.