The Frankenstein Engine Dynamics Mid-West Pro Mod Series (MWPMS) is pleased to welcome San Antonio-based VP Racing Fuels as its official fuel supplier for the 2018 racing season. The all-eighth-mile drag racing series staged its first race of the year this past weekend at the Texas Motorplex in Ennis, TX, where VP Racing Fuels had product available to competitors.

"One thing about VP Fuels is that we've always strived to have the best fuels out there and when you look at these guys in the Mid-West Pro Mod Series, especially the nitrous Pro Mods, these guys need top-grade fuels in order to run right and go fast," VP Racing Fuels Midwest Regional Manager Jason Rueckert pointed out. "Being associated with the Mid-West Pro Mod Series allows us to showcase our products in the highest-horsepower, best-of-the-best combinations."

MWPMS owner and competitor Keith Haney said he feels the continuity of having VP Racing Fuels as the series' official fuel supplier will help its crew chiefs and tuners manage the thousands of horsepower in their care.    

"It doesn't matter whether it's nitrous like my cars or blowers or turbos, these engines can be pretty finicky and anything you can do to make them more predictable will only help," said Haney, who won MWPMS championships last year with a pair of nearly identical-appearing, nitrous-boosted 2016 Camaros in the Pro Mod and Radial vs. the World classes.

"Having a company like VP Racing Fuels, with all their research and testing behind them, come on board as our official fuel supplier will help everyone to be more consistent with their tune-ups and in drag racing consistency is everything."

Rueckert added that being associated with the MWPMS also benefits VP in marketing to the road-going consumer.

"On the track the Mid-West Pro Mod Series is where the guys that want to haul ass and go the fastest are, but it's also where drag racing fans and performance enthusiasts go, so we want to be a part of that, too," he said.

"Plus, especially with the way Keith and his guys do their marketing with the emails and the texts and the live feeds and everything, that really helps us. We have a big consumer products division that sells a lot of fuel additives, lubricants, apparel and now car care products, so if you can reach out to the spectator who's watching these cars with the crazy high-performance fuels in it, hopefully they'll want to be associated with that and buy VP products for their passenger cars and trucks."    
Rueckert said VP Racing Fuels would be on site at most MWPMS events this year, supplying several fuel grades to the various classes within the series, as well as VP Lane Choice traction compound, so critical for hooking up the MWPMS cars to the track surface.

"It's on a track by track basis, but this weekend Tyler Crossnoe is prepping at Ennis and he'll be using VP Lane Choice," said Rueckert, who also is a professional track prep specialist. "Most of the tracks the Mid-West Pro Mods are going to this year will be using VP's traction compound."

The 2018 Frankenstein Engine Dynamics Mid-West Pro Mod Series season consists of nine events. Following the race in Texas, most racers in the Mid-West Pro Mod Series will visit the organization's home track in Tulsa, OK, for a radials-only race Mar. 30-31, before having the Pro Mod class rejoin the series Apr. 20-21, at Bowling Green, KY.