Top Fuel Harley racer Beau Layne was involved in a high-speed accident at the finish of his first qualifying run Friday afternoon at the Magic Dry Organic Absorbent Northwest Nationals at Pacific Raceways near Seattle.

Layne, of Redding, Calif., carried the front wheel for about 1,000 feet on the quarter-mile course. When his front tire landed back on the track, the handlebars were turned awkwardly. He darted from his left lane across the track in front of fellow rider Tii Tharpe and hit the right guard wall hard, flying off his bike.

He had registered a 6.408-second elapsed time at 215.86 mph when he crossed the line.

His condition is unknown, although he stood up following the accident. He was transported to a local medical center for further evaluation.

“We’re qualified but more than that, we are grateful that Beau is up on his own two feet and being treated by medical staff,” Tharpe posted on Facebook.